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STEM Toys for Toddlers

  STEM Toys for Toddlers…It’s Never Too Early The cuddly ones, who stroll over the house in every direction accessible or maybe even not so accessible. Always gives a scare to mum and dad who always have the safety factor hovering their mind all the time. Engaging the toddlers is the best option when the …

Importance of STEM Education in today’s changing world.

Full STEM Ahead! The importance of STEM Education in today’s changing world STEM, STEAM, or STREAM? They all seem to be the buzz acronyms in education at the moment, but what are they and why are they so important?   STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. …

Why Skills are Important in Stem Education

Technology is about to expand and we will consume as much technology in the next few years as we did the last 50 years. So your dreams can become whatever you that’s the exciting part, you can make whatever you think happen. Everything is going to change and continue toc hange rapidly. We need people …

Women in STEM Education

There is will be always stereotyping that women cannot do well in certain subjects such as Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics ( STEM). It can be overcome by the following: For example, creating an all-girl environment where girls feel more comfortable trying new things and are more confident in speaking up when they are surrounded …
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