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4M Kitchen Science Kit

4M kitchen Science kit by 4M performs six different science experiments using some easily available kitchen ingredients. These experiments may include simple steps. You can generate electricity using a lemon. You can launch a rocket with vinegar, you can write invisible messages, and many more stuff to enjoy. This kitchen science kit is best for kids who are eager to learn the basics of science. Full instruction for every experiment is completely provided.

This kit is suggested for 8 years old and above. The pack consists of a 4M kitchen science kit style kitchen and a science product description. Convert your kitchen into a science lab with a 4M kitchen science kit. Perform six different variety of science experiments using the easily available kitchen items.

Generate electricity using a lemon; launch a rocket with vinegar, write an invisible message, and do many more fun activities. Best science kit for young learners who are enthusiastic about science. Children who are 8 years above can use the 4M science kit to learn the basic concepts of science. 

4M educational toys cover a huge range of educational subjects and incorporate science kits, art and craft kits, and many more items to attract young learners. 4M kits usually provide a wide range of kits that allows you to build a clock, crochet a placemat, or turn your living space into a planetarium- all in the name of making learning an exciting and fun affair.