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Can Wonder Workshop Use Apps? Perfect Guide 2023

Can Wonder Workshop Use Apps

Can wonder workshop use apps? Wonder Workshop is a leading maker of educational robots for kids that use intuitive coding to make learning fun and engaging. But can you use apps with Wonder Workshop robots to further expand the educational robotics experience?

Can Wonder Workshop Use Apps

Can Wonder Workshop Use Apps

While Wonder Workshop offers its own suite of free accompanying apps, many helpful third-party applications may be used with the Dash and Dot robots. Third-party apps range from programming related ones (such as mBlock) to tool apps (e.g., WIRIStoolkit) and game options (e.g., Coding Robots).

Benefits of Having Access to Both Wonders Workshops Apps & 3rd-Party Applications

One major benefit of having access to both Wonders Workshops apps and 3rd-party applications is that you get more flexibility when it comes to teaching your children about coding and programming fundamentals such as spatial reasoning, problem solving, looping, pattern recognition, and algorithms.

With questions like ‘What are variables?’ easily answered via one app or another, you have an extensive toolbox at your disposal that ensures your child’s creativity and exploration of technology is adequately nurtured

Use Wonder Workshop’s Dash Robot

The Dash robot by Wonder Workshop is a fun and educational robotics toy that teaches coding basics to young children. It was designed specifically to work with its accompanying app, which helps kids program the robot’s behavior through real-world interactions such as touch and voice commands.

The app also allows users to take part in challenges and games to extend their exploration of coding principles.

Link Third Party Apps With your Dash Robot

While the app created specifically for use with the Dash Robot offers a great way to get familiar with coding concepts while having fun, some parents might be looking for something different – something more tailored towards their child’s specific interests or something that will encourage an even deeper level of play and exploration.

Fortunately, Wonder Workshop offers a variety of third party apps that are compatible with the Dash robot. These third party options give users access to additional features such as voice control, obstacle courses and music making features – allowing your child’s own creativity shine as they explore programming concepts in unique ways.

Use Dot Creativity Kit Apps

Another great option from Wonder Workshop is their Dot Creativity Kit which includes tools such as Makey Makey Go – an invention toolkit that lets kids connect anything electrical or mechanical (e.g., fruit, cardboard cutouts or desk items) with their computer or smartphone screen – bringing physical objects into contact with digital workspaces by connecting them directly via USB cables or wireless connections.

Additionally, there are 8 specially designed apps that come pre-loaded onto the Dot Creativity Kit’s included tablet for use exclusively with any of Dot Creativity Kits projects which include: drawing bots, 3D models & lighting displays explore musical instruments and activate creative storytelling adventures!

Experience Video Streaming Services On Demand

With so many streaming services available today, it only makes sense that some would be tailored towards younger viewers too! With Wonder Workshop’s video streaming app on board any connected devices nowadays allow access to high quality videos designed specifically for young viewers who want direct guidance on how to code simple programs including moving dot around a simple grid layout or creating patterns onscreen through automation processes etc.

Also some popular content available inside this free application comes from partnership deals including PBS Kids Jr., Disney+ & many others making sure there’s plenty of fun stuff shared across multiple channels all published under one roof here – inside this app it goes without saying you’re kids won’t get bored easily while trying out new programs every day!


Wonder Workshop provides versatile platforms where content tailored around a wide range of disciplines such as geography, math, music history or English language can be accessed in the form of games. Alongside this, having access to both Wonder Workshops own library of applications but also 3rd party applications opens up a plethora of new opportunities for anyone using the robot (both educators & parents).

With the help of these easy-to-use tools – progress in Robotics education does not seem so daunting any longer!