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Fun with STEM Outdoors

We all know the full form of STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM is very important for the upcoming generation because it surrounds every part of our daily life. By uncovering Stem to kids from an early age and in a fun and enjoyable way, we are stimulating them to be passionate about these areas. This in turn will encourage children and open up their minds to taking STEM as their career option in the future. As parents, we often have unpleasant memories of science, technology, engineering, and math. But STEM in recent times is quite different than we had it in school. In STEM learning you do not require a teacher or a classroom to practice STEM skills with your child.

Fun Ways to Exercise STEM with Your Kids Through Outdoor Games –

      1. Build a Stick Maze

A stick maze is a joyous and fun way to practice STEM outside. This activity surrounds engineering and mathematics, but your child won’t even recognize that you are teaching them through an outdoor game. You can go for grazing for sticks in the wood in advance, which creates the activity something to work on and play with throughout the entire day.

     2. Build a Bird’s Nest

Building a bird’s nest is the best way to get your child thinking about how animals and birds build their own living space. it is also a fun way to talk about life cycles. After all, birds build their own nest and raise their babies out there.

     3. Build a Nature Sculpture

Building a sculpture is an excellent manner to teach the basic concept of engineering, arts, and math. The only rule of this game is that children should only use things that are found around nature. The items can be anything like rock, sticks, logs, or pebbles.

      4. Make a Rain Gauge

We simply love and enjoy the weather science idea from science spark. Building a rain gauge in a fun manner for children to monitor and discuss weather while learning.

The fun science experiment is a hit among children. Children love everything that goes with pop and bang, so these are the best outdoor learning experiences for children of any age.

Teaching STEM With Power Of Games

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills are significant skills of the 21st century.  This is the main reason why schools are including STEM topics using traditional means like textbooks, and experiments along with interactive learning games for children. While in recent times, a maximum of today’s STEM education focused on children who are older, it is equally important for younger children as well to develop STEM skills from a tender age.

STEM learning is not an academic subject for young learners. It helps children to prepare and build a structure for understanding the world in a better way. STEM learning combines the interest in understanding the individual part of the whole, of constructing and deconstructing, the new experiences and discoveries. Providing a solid foundation in learning and early exposure to STEM topics in children can help in the following ways –

  1. Uplift academic performance
  2. Upgrade communication
  3. Promote innovation
  4. Increase critical thinking skills
  5. Motivate flexibility
  6. Construct literacy and language capability

Fun kid’s games and kids-related activities help children to develop STEM concepts in daily life. The earlier you introduce your kids to these abstract topics, the faster they will develop and tackle these complex lessons more easily and smoothly in the near future.

While a lot of STEM learning occurs in the classroom, there are many benefits to exploring these topics outside school premises. It is difficult for young children, in particular, to absorb STEM-related subjects through traditional concepts is quite tough.  Best educational games are ideal for children to make STEM topics engaging for learners.

Few Methods to Approach STEM Learning are the Followings –

  1. Empower independent learners
  2. Focus on fun
  3. Make it a family event

As a child grows older, they understand better the complexities of STEM education. In order, for children to fully clench these later lessons, they require a firm foundation constructed on authentic interest. By relating STEM with fun from the beginning, you can stimulate your children to become lifelong learners.

Why Skills are Important in STEM Education

Relax ! I am sure there is not just one but multiple questions that can morph into an enormous irresistible urging mountain piling up as we try to untangle this puzzle for our kids.

Every next hour we are in a constant hunt for the search to give the best development tool, toy or hands on experience for our kids.

Each day we look for opportunity to educate our self so that we can educate or young ones.

Finally, we have a reason to feel good about one thing.

The Opportunity STEM gave us. Answer to all our questions. It’s time to put a break & unwrap the opportunity that STEM Provides us.

So, it’s upon us to keep educating ourselves so that we can educate others. It’s only with such knowledge that we can then tap into our children’s’ interests and successfully introduce STEM in ways that are structured, memorable, and impactful.

STEM trains your children filling them with full of crazy inventions from robots to virtual reality.

For instance drones and driverless cars owe to folks with degree in science, technology,engineering and math aptly known as STEM.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It has been a part of our everyday lives in ways we may not even be aware of.

STEM is a big pedagogical shift in how teaching is applied in classrooms of today.

STEM shapes science literacy and empowers the coming era of trend-setters. There is this extra element of fun that one experiences through STEM gadgets and toys designed to teach programming. Student of any age is so fascinated as they learn how to programme by playing around with what they think is a game. This has brought a revolution in regular teaching as it draws attention od students while stimulating their DIY mind-set (Do-it your self). The whole aim is to enhance their mind to think beyond the box and build unique ideas.

Honing STEM skills that’s capable of problem- solving and a creative mind is what recruiters look for

STEM gives hands-on experience to students to discover specific knowledge or to develop particular skills. When taught at a young age these skills help throughout their education and career.


No one is born with STEM skills. There are plenty free sources and activities that teachers can do themselves in the classrooms. Regardless of the product, it is the way of teaching that matters and project-based learning is quite effective in this case, where students are in the centre and teachers follow a DIY approach rather than an instructional one.
“When you create something with your own hands, you will not forget it. If I instruct you to do it, you will perhaps forget in a week’s time or so. It is how the teacher brings STEM into the classroom that will decide if it will fail or succeed.

Imparting STEM skills using different, not so expensive sticks, cardboard rolls, paper and everyday materials available. For e.g. rocks for teaching about shapes, sand to show porousness or how things stick together; kids tend to learn well from their everyday experience. This hands-on experience of teaching.Creating projects enables an inquiry based and student-centred approach which is guaranteed to bring in results.

STEM provides all levels of difficulty in coding helping children have a better skill prepared to embrace technology that affects every day life. Planting the seed of hands-on & minds-on activities majorly focusing math & science courses could grow into an exciting and rewarding STEM career. The course needs to be taught by engaging enthusiastic teachers. Even a teacher showing melting of crayon can evolve the students come up with more ideas. Some experiments sound silly but can pave way to super discoveries. It is not a bad idea at all to devote even a part of your home as a home lab for hashing & testing. In a long way it will all be worth it. With this we can do a lot to help our children.


Instead of pushing them towards old rote learning way, it’s time to introduce them to the new way waiting to be discovered. Let’s not stop the curiosity of the children but ignite it more and more with each passing day. A curious kid can do wonders. STEM will drastically increase child’s problem-solving skills and critical thinking.With the younger students, this can be simply playing with water to see how it fills containers, or with older students, they could code and create their games.


Unlike subjects like history where one has to understand and learn the concept. STEM learning is very different.STEM learning can be tailored as per a child’s capabilities and educational level. One just need to activate their imagination

No matter what ability the child has, they can still exceed when it comes to STEM learning.

Why Your Child Should Learn STEM From Early Childhood

The ascent of the computerized age has made science, innovation, designing, and arithmetic (STEM) schooling more basic than any other time in recent memory. Early STEM education can advance continuous scholarly achievement, and kids who learn STEM ideas all through their schooling are more ready to meet progressively innovation centered proficient prerequisites.

However there is little conflict about the significance of STEM instruction among instructors and administrators, US schools keep on confronting difficulties connected with giving satisfactory STEM preparation, especially to extremely youthful understudies, and numerous confusions about showing STEM endure.

STEM training isn’t restricted to building science and math information. At its center, STEM ideas assist youngsters with growing better approaches for thinking, empowering interest and investigation. Setting up these at an early age (earliest stages through 3rd grade), when youthful personalities are generally pliable, sets up long lasting reasoning abilities. To comprehend the advantages of early STEM education, it assists with scattering a portion of the fantasies encompassing it.

STEM Emphasis Comes at the Expense of Non-STEM Subjects

Truth be told, STEM is inseparably connected to different fields of study, and STEM preparation can improve learning in different disciplines. For instance, research has shown a connection exists between science guidance and improvement in education, language learning, and leader working.

STEM Equals More Computers in the Classroom

Innovation is a part of STEM, and understudies who draw in with STEM subjects gain abilities that better set them up for innovation centered jobs; yet STEM schooling isn’t reliant upon computerized innovation, especially when showing little youngsters. Block play, cultivating, and confuses are instances of STEM training, as are visits to exhibition halls. It tends to be done whenever with negligible assets. In numerous study halls, a STEM educational plan and play are as of now present, they simply should be stressed.

STEM Training Only Happens in the Classroom

Guardians who know about the advantages of a STEM educational plan are bound to be strong of STEM schooling and energize exercises in the home that foster STEM ideas. Apparatuses accessible to guardians incorporate portable applications intended to acquaint kids with STEM and education ideas at an early age. Through the Ready to Learn Initiative, a US Department of Education–subsidized program, PBS has created games and applications to help kids ages two to eight form proficiency and science abilities.


STEM Curriculums are Only for Certain Students

STEM drives actually face difficulties from outdated thoughts held by some policymakers, guardians, and educators concerning sexual orientation and race as they connect with fitness for subjects like science. Furthermore, the conviction that STEM is for more seasoned understudies has added to financing being moved in higher grade levels.



Albeit the significance of STEM training is generally acknowledged, the developing accentuation on STEM educational plan has produced banter. Worries that STEM doesn’t enough support imagination and advancement has driven a few instructors to push for a more extensive methodology. Accepting a considerable lot of the ideas supported by STEM advocates — experiential learning, request, critical thinking, process-based learning — STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) defenders contend that expressions training is similarly pretty much as essential as science, innovation, designing, and arithmetic to completely instruct understudies and set them up for their expert lives.


While there are conflicts over the best method for underscoring and coordinate individual subjects and ideas, teachers on the two sides of the STEM versus STEAM banter share a shared objective: getting away from repetition remembrance and siloed subjects towards a more comprehensive, project-based educational plan that starts understudies’ creative mind and fosters their certifiable abilities.


Deep Rooted Benefits of Early STEM Education

Estimating the effect of a STEM educational program on early improvement is troublesome, yet STEM schooling has been demonstrated to be an indicator of future scholarly accomplishment. For instance, a review by scientists at the University of California Irvine observed that early numerical abilities were the most reliably prescient proportion of future scholastic accomplishment among kindergarten to 5th grade understudies.


The advantages of STEM schooling are not restricted to an understudy’s scholarly vocation, in any case. Endeavors in the US to further develop STEM schooling have generally been driven by request from the private area, where businesses have whined with regards to an absence of qualified possibility for innovation centered positions. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 5% development in non-STEM occupations somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2028, while the quantity of STEM-related positions will develop very nearly 9%, extending by 10.6 million positions.

Fun Ways To Encourage Your Children’s Interest In STEM

Young ones are always curious to learn new things and they readily understand science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) even before they become an adult. STEM concepts need to be built in children intentionally as the child grows. In recent times children are capable of critical thinking prior to being able to speak, but different varieties of play are critical to develop skills related to stem education. These stem skills require frequent questioning, analyzing, and intense curiosity.


STEM is an abbreviation that represents Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Your kid probably has math and science class. They might even have a periodic innovation class at the rudimentary level. Be that as it may, STEM isn’t really one explicit subject, degree or training program. General STEM ideas are frequently remembered for the rudimentary educational program, in spite of the fact that innovation and designing are frequently seriously ailing in the ordinary school day.


While STEM can be instructed as explicit coursework, the ideas encompass us in day to day existence. We use math at the supermarket. We go through designing ideas to fix an answer for an issue with a rack or the home’s outside. Science becomes an integral factor when cooking, assessing the climate or sorting out some way to eliminate ice from the front advances. The vast majority of us can’t go through a solitary day without experiencing science in some structure or another.


Reasons to Get the Children Interested in STEM –

Touch’s never past the point where it is possible to assist your youngster with finding an adoration for STEM, however it’s a lot simpler to urge your small kid to accept the ideas than it is to persuade more seasoned children that the subjects aren’t generally so exhausting or troublesome as they might suspect. Making STEM intriguing for youngsters at a youthful age can assist with progress further down the road.


Consider These Motivations To Rouse Your Little Student In These Branches Of Knowledge


Normal Curiosity: Little children are normally curious. Think about the large numbers of inquiries you hear from your kid. For what reason is the sky blue? For what reason did that sink? Could individuals live on the moon? Who concocted cheddar? Hearing those inquiries goes downhill, yet they’re an indication of the inborn interest that characterizes youth. By making STEM schooling for youngsters fun and invigorating, you profit by those normal researcher propensities before they misfire.


Readiness: Young children are frequently amped up for learning, particularly assuming that learning is veiled as fun, drawing in exercises that copy play. At the point when you start with STEM schooling at a youthful age, you don’t need to battle your kid to attempt an investigation or persuade her why she ought to appreciate finding out with regards to it.


Primary Skills for Success: Kids need STEM abilities to succeed in their homework as well as throughout everyday life. The ideas are surrounding us, so the more openness your youngster needs to STEM, the more pre-arranged they’ll be the point at which they experience the ideas, all things considered. Early STEM training fabricates a solid establishment for the future, regardless of whether your kid picks a STEM profession.


Critical Thinking: STEM ideas depend vigorously on critical thinking. Those critical thinking abilities your youngster gains can be applied in any everyday issue, regardless of whether it isn’t STEM-related. By making these subjects fun and empowering that critical thinking attitude, you help your kid rethink testing circumstances into issues they can sort out some way to settle.


Expected Career Path: Elementary school is quite far from school, yet showing STEM at an early age sows the seeds for seeking after a vocation in a connected field when your kid graduates.

The Lego

This is the term that is good for us to make a particular kind of plastic toys. The infrastructure of all plastic toys from the Lego group is known as Lego. This is a short sentence used to make all kinds of plastic toys and plastic construction with good drawing to get better results. This is an artwork to check the shape and design of different materials.

Lego toys are good with their look and setting, but mold in Lego’s toys makes them better with position settings. Moreover, it is full perfect with its use power and gives additional support to kid birthday gifts and Christmas. The mold’s size in the Lego is 0.004mm, which is smaller than the human hair of almost ten times. A group of Lego has three different kinds of number that gives the proper position of all molds in the Lego. The numbering system is an excellent addition to check fault in this group’s bricks and quickly solve it.

What Is The Lego System?

This system’s bricks are comparable with each other and set with proper settings to make them good. But, the molds and background of each Lego brick make one another better compatible.  If a piece breaks or is lost from your favourite set, Lego can replace that one element. It is not like a jigsaw mystery with a noticeable gap where the missing piece should go or a toy that no longer functions. You do not need to purchase a complete set again, only the missing piece.

Essential Points For High Price Of Lego

The Lego is high in its price due to some functions. These points are essential for Lego to create all groups and measure them at any level. Moreover, it is good to check the issue in the mold and remove the position of all brick for these Lego toys.

Bricks System 

It is the main point about a Lego group. All the system of this depends upon the lego system with its proper arrangement. Moreover, it is better to use appropriate bricks for making a unique design. So, the Lego group’s standard is to use 18 bricks to make a good mold position. These numbers indicate the place to make comfortable use of and set all kind of construction. Overall, the bricks in the design are promising to give full support for help. The Lego toys are high in price due to their worth use and manufacturing system with the proper array.

Size Of Lego Set

It is suitable for all of you to check the price of this Lego group. But, the size of the Lego design and all toys depend upon the price. With the large size and bulky design, a Lego group has a high worth. Moreover, the average cost of the length is unique and better to give a good idea and make all kinds of work easy. Thus, 40 cents for one brick of Lego is enough. Overall, Lego’s different price worth size is made to make all artwork easy as you want. Thus, it is better to choose Lego, not gold made toys.

Good Made Material

In the making and designing of all Lego things and toys, good material is used. Therefore, branding is not simple and easy. It is good to keep the best design of Lego with its unique made quality for both adults and kids. The Lego molds are designed to endure multiple assembling and striking without spending their functionality. You only need to step on a Lego brick with open feet to feel its durability. But, the best thermoplastic material of styrene is used to make the Lego. It is one of the best petroleum products and useful to gives full additional support for easy use.

Brand Formation

The branding is necessary to make the Lego best one in the world. But, this product has some own functions and features to use easily. However, the branding for Lego makes the proper group to use get better sales. The products and toys of Lego also show perfect quality. However, after 1979, it needs to make a registered brand and use the toys with all kind of design. From another perspective, the Lego is best for branding and promising to keep all products in the proper array. Thus, the AFOL also shows that Lego is not only for kids. This is also good for all adult to get the gift.

Fee For Licence

The licence for toys making of Lego is necessary due to some scam and adventure in the world. But, the Lego is also price worth to buy due to its hefty fee and Licensing. The starts wars in the building making are comfortable only in the Lego. With this Lego use, you can get a better connection of all things to promote the functions. Overall, this connection of all things and start wars is possible with the licence of Lego.

Is Lego Better Than Gold?

A recent study of Russia economic school shows that the ratio of benefits from the Lego is 11%, and it is higher in all categories. So, the Lego is better as compared to Gold and stocks. Overall, it is suitable for all people to choose Lego compared to Gold and other things stocking. The Lego group also retires the Lego all after two years. Therefore, it is better to buy the Lego and use it for better investment and profit. The high price of a Brick is 12000GBP. However, the total 14-carat gold bricks exit to make Lego more profitable.

Is Any Other Comparable Thing To Lego?

The MegaBloks and KRE-O are the two little best comparable things to the Lego and use. The price difference is not high as compared to the Gold and Lego. But, Lego is the only competitor in the worlds. Lego group licencing system makes it high in price to use and get more profit in only two years. Lego toys may appear costly, but it is worth every cent to examine the character, quality, strength, and comfort. Overall, the Lego group all Lego bricks and molds with the shape of the different toy are suitable for use and get more functions.

What Is Nano & NanoTechnology?

This is the best research study about things at the nanoscale level. It is the study of all atoms and molecules at 1-100 nanometers level. The idea of nanoscience and nanotechnology first came to make sure those different kinds of science work-study at a nano level. A nanometer is 10 hydrogen atoms used to study the atoms and molecules at a low level. Overall, the size of a human hair is 80,000 nanometer. With this concern, there is no need to study physics and chemistry level.

A materail element and the molecules are different with characters, colors, and shapes and differ. The macro and nano study are two other things. This idea of nanotechnology promotes scientific research to compare and check all-atom at a higher level. The nanometer is the best device that helps give a full idea about it and promote your all stud easily.

Significance Of Nano And Nanoscale

It is an essential revolution in the world to add new changes and make a better work level over the different things. It is good to use the nanometer for the study of all nanoparticles. The word nano means to show the smallness number of an atom or something to count in 1000 millionth of a meter. This scale study shows all items and promotes them to give new ideas for work over them. Therefore, nanotechnology enables nano study and adds new revolutionary things to make the changes higher.

In the article, if we will check the significance of this nanotechnology. It is good to promote many things. This study adds new items to life and helps to improve all functions. Moreover, this is a vast field to give complete knowledge and support for health to agriculture and study all things controlled. A red blood cell is small in its size, and it needs proper study to function.

The scientist tries to convey knowledge about everything, and this red blood cell has much more significance in giving an appropriate form. So, it is suitable for all people to complete all small-size particles at the nanoscale level. The instrument nanometer is useful to improve your lives to live them at the proper level.

Why Nanotechnology Important?

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are not new. But the nanotechnology is essential for all ways to give new ideas to promote the industrial process. Therefore, this is good to study the particles and things to make further changes in the field. All the items and material exploit to gives a good idea. It is suitable for all of you, and the scientist can provide useful functions to add new something.

Nanotechnology is suitable for agriculture to study and get new ideas and promote fresh food for people worldwide. Moreover, the nanometer is useful for giving the proper thought and researching it at a minor level. A prime example of an industry where nanoscale manufacturing technologies are employed on a large scale and throughout is the semiconductor business, where device arrangements have reached the single nanometers scale. Your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet all include billions of communications on a computer chip the size of a fingernail.

Nanotechnology Is Not New

This is a very vast field at this time, and good for scientists to help them and add new things and particles. But, this study promotes and innovative research. However, improvements in the tools that now allow atoms and molecules are to examine. It examined with astonishing accuracy has permitted the growth and development of nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

Scientists and chemists try to promote new addition and make polymers from the atom, and molecules give proper functions. Therefore, this nanotechnology helps to make the clone of polymers from the small scale elements. If you go to the past for the last 20 years, these nanoparticles can make the best polymers and add a new revolution for proper chemical reactions.

The different kind of ceramic and other material is used to make large size particles with proper composition. Therefore, this idea of nanoparticle study is ancient and now new. But, it looks unique to adding all-new revolutions in scientific research to promote life. Moreover, it is good to get better health and improve to release all building blocks of food to make small scale things to get better results for proper digestion. It is an overall good factor to consider that nanotechnology and nano study are not new and promote your whole life.

However, new nanoscience and nanotechnology are relatively new; nanoscale elements were used for centuries. Alternate-sized gold and silver particles generated colors in medieval churches’ stained glass windows hundreds of years ago. The designers back then didn’t know that the method they used to create these beautiful works of art led to changes in the form of their materials.

Effect Of Nanotechnology On Health

This study is also useful to give full sanitation in health. In 2005, laser beam technology was helping to remove and tie up the small glass beads. This helps to provide a new idea about health to make the eyesight perfect at all. Therefore, you can say that nanoscale level things are easily seen and observe to make some new functions. A small tool to tackle malaria is also used to study red blood cells and get complete information for these things. It is easy to get full details on this and make your health better to save it from malaria.

Nanotechnology And Drugs

The drug study at a higher level is also comfortable with this nanoscale and nano study. With nanometer development, it is easy to get the drugs and manipulate them on a small scale. There is no need to use extra discretion to get better comfort. A small study in this world of drug and nano relation makes new changes for improving all patient health.

This could be a valuable solution in countries that don’t have adequate storage equipment and distribution networks. It is for patients on complicated drug regimens who cannot afford the time or money to travel long for a preventive visit. Overall, you can say that nanotechnology is an excellent addition to improve life scale levels with its better work improvement in all kinds of world work.

Colliding with Chemistry

Chemistry has been one of those subjects in schools that we never were fond of yet this only happened because we associate with the theory of it and not how it is all around us.  Chemistry throughout our life has been right in front of us we just never looked closely enough. Humans themselves are a product of infinite chemical reactions. What we eat is made up of chemicals, we breathe for a chemical process, and we exist due to the million chemical reactions occurring every second inside our bodies.  There are bursts of chemical reactions happening in our bodies while I type this article and even when you sit there reading it.

Calling Chemistry, Chemistry?

What do we think of when someone says chemistry? How do we define it, well the average human like me thinks of it as all those chemical reactions and all the Practical we had to perform in high school.

Chemistry is a path of science, walking down which you get to understand the wonders of the world around us. It deals with all kinds of elements discovered until now, their reactions to all the elements and compounds they have been tested against, and all the new substances we can develop from the existing elements.  Chemistry tries to keep our life together, without it our life would have been a bigger mess; but then again we wouldn’t have existed without it.

Around the world in more than 80 ways

Chemistry exists all around us and we would prove that fact to you. We have listed below a very tiny part of how chemistry exists in plain sight and we miss it due to our preoccupations.  We might think of chemistry labs when we think of chemistry but that is not just it.

Cooking up chemistry

The everyday process that some of us find destressing and others that have found a passion for cooking are only able to do that due to the existence of chemistry. Chemistry is the explanation behind how you can cook food, how over a certain period of time the food rots and how these elements or ingredients react to each other resulting in the food we consume.

You think of avoiding chemical in the kitchen, think of something chemical as adulterated but the fact of the matter remains that everything inside the kitchen is chemical.  From common salt (NaCl2) to water (H2O) everything is made of matter and chemical elements.

Our diet is made of different groups of chemical elements that are, carbs, fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Obviously for the good to exist there has to be bad as well but for all the toxic chemicals that are not good for us there exists equal number of completely edible elements.

Our periodic table is one massive collection of a hundred and eighteen elements yet only four of them provide us with the majority of our daily need of energy. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen make up 99%   of the macro nutrients.  Proteins are made up of amino acids; carbs of sugar, starch and cellulose, fats contain all four except nitrogen.

There has been a lot of flake for artificial sweeteners, these provide zero calorie content and are used to sweeten drinks and ice cream.  We actively use artificial preservatives and anti-oxidants. Artificial preservatives help us stop the rotting of food by halting the growth of microorganisms. Anti-oxidants prevent the oxidation of food hence halting the spoilage.

Edible dyes are another example of chemistry in our food; these are an organic compound that mix with the food and imparts their colour.

Artificial sweeteners are of great value as they do not add any extra calories yet provide the sweetness needed. They are also harmless on consumption.

Cleaning Chemistry

Chemistry helps us understand the mechanism behind cleaning. The tiring job of cleaning that we leave for the weekends, or we absolutely detest to do have the science of chemistry behind it. It is due to the chemical reaction that occurs between a stain and the sterilizing agent, much like a fighting; that helps us remove stain and clean the object of any microorganisms.

We turn to chemistry and how a detergent reacts to certain fabrics to choose which detergent to use for laundry. We use chemistry when we use bleaching powders and purifying agents. We utilise either soap or synthetic detergent to clean surfaces, clothes and more. They help to remove fats along with water.

Traditionally we have used soaps as a cleansing agent where they are made of sodium and potassium salts. Saponification is the process that enables soap formation, through a heating reaction between fatty acids and liquid caustic soda. Here we see that not only the action of cleaning is dependent on chemistry but also the soap that we use for cleaning is made using principles of chemistry.

Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with only one atom and that is carbon. Carbon is the sore element of a lot of floor cleaning solutions like phenol and methanol.  Phenol and methanol are effective in killing any micro-bacteria present.

You will probably ask me about the chemistry behind how soaps work and this is how. A soap molecule is divided in two parts; hydrophobic and hydrophilic. The hydrophobic part has an aversion to water and thus clings on to the dirt particle or grease for its dear life, on the other hand t hydrophilic part loves water like you love chocolate and clings on to water to save their love. Now when you turn on the tap and wash the article it washes away the dirt which clung to the soap molecules.

These prove to us the importance of chemistry and why we should know about different chemical detergents and soap in order to use the one best fit for the job.

Chugging Chemistry down

Chemistry has not only been the cause behind our existence but also the reason behind our survival. The only reason why we haven’t gone extinct in all the years we have lived on this planet come what may. Through the Spanish influenza, through the Black Death and we will through this pandemic due to the chemistry that enables the invention of vaccines and drugs. Chemistry helps us test and analyse how combinations of different and elements and compounds reacts with our bodies and diseases, empowering us with the opportunity to find treatment to these diseases.

To understand the role of chemistry in our lives we can take the case of Fredrick Sanger, he studied the molecular structure of insulin to run tests and make the first leaps into the testing of blood sugar levels. In this contemporary world, where we have one touch models to get our blood sugar levels; these models are based on Frederick Sanger’s approach to insulin. Chemistry not only helps us find the treatment but also makes up the diagnostics part.

Chemistry has helped humans make milestones in survival and continues to make leaps into the unknown. In this era, your veins can be replaced using chemically produced ones that do not react with your body, during surgeries surgeons have structures at their disposal that dissolve in the body and hence eliminates the tedious process of removal. A lot of humans continue to normalize their lives after burning their skin through chemically produced artificial skins.

Chemistry creates commerce

Chemistry not only affects our existence but is also an integral part of all things of value to us. A lot of chemical components found on this earth are quite valuable, like diamond and graphite; both of them are compounds of carbon.

Chemistry also helps us process crude oil to generate different types of fuel. The chemical process gives us gasoline, petroleum, diesel, CNG and kerosene. All of these are necessary for carrying out commerce and trade. Fuels are the backbone of transportation, take away the fuel transformation and you will be left with unmovable trucks, multiple axle trailers, cars, buses and everything else.

Oil is not only required for transportation but also for generating power in cloth mills, refineries, metal industry and the leather industry. Every industry will screech to a halt if we were to run out of fuel or devoid of the fuel transformation process.

The entirety of our economy depends on chemistry. Chemistry has been under the scrutiny du to some of its elements polluting the earth but that is on us to blame. Too much of anything is bad; we need to use fuels judiciously and with the help of chemistry innovate for a better future. Chemistry is the one that paves way for bio-fuels and less polluting compounds.

Convincing Chemistry

The examples of chemistry that we have mentioned above are only a glimpse into what it actually entails. Chemistry is all around us, helps us survive, exist and thrive on this planet. It is often made boring through theories and textual languages but if taken interest into; it is a world waiting just to amaze us. Mankind has just touched the tip of the iceberg that chemistry is, there are many more wonders waiting to amaze us and make us how tiny we really are. We are the million chemical reactions that make us up. Chemistry is why life exists and why it will continue to do so.