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Ways to Build Foundation With STEM Games

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills are significant skills for the 21st century. This is the main reason why schools are incorporating STEM-related topics using traditional resources such as textbooks, and various experiments along with interactive learning games for children. In recent times, STEM education is geared toward children who are older, it is important for younger children to build STEM skills.

STEM education is very important for children and is considered an academic subject for your minds. On the contrary, STEM education serves children with a proper structure of understanding of the world. It unites the interests of the children in understanding the individual parts of the whole, of building and deconstructing, with new experiences and discoveries. Providing a solid foundation for learning, early exposure to STEM education can help the children in the following ways-

  • Improves communication in children
  • Uplifts  academic performance of children
  • Foster innovation
  • Builds up the critical thinking skills in children.
  • Encourage flexibility


Some brilliant fun kid’s games and activities help children learn by bringing STEM concepts into daily life. The earlier you introduce these abstract subjects to your children, the faster they will be able to tackle more complex subjects in the future. We all know that lots of STEM-related education take place inside the classroom; there are many benefits of exploring these topics outside the classroom. It is difficult for young children to absorb STEM concepts through traditional instruction. Apart from making STEM activities more accessible, top rated educational games makes STEM topics engaging for young learners. It’s never too early for young learners to learn the basics of STEM games through fun educational games and activities.

Here are few tips on how you can develop a strong foundation through some STEM-related games –

1. Science – Help your child to think like Einstein through a collection of science experiment for children and science tools. Young children can explore the concept of science in the kitchen by constructing a volcano with a bottle, vinegar, baking soda, detergent and food color. Mature kids can learn more niche concepts like those of physics through fun stem educational games.


2. Technology- STEM Games – It is important to show mature children what is behind technology and its              interactivity with STEM games such as Coding Awbie.


As children get older, they understand the complexities of STEM. In order, for children to completely grasp these later lessons, they require a solid STEM foundation build on genuine interest.

How STEM Education Must Evolve

STEM education is gaining popularity in the world; more schools are incorporating STEM education in their curriculum and making it the main part of what they teach. Imagination and creativity can pair up with STEM and lead to new ideas and innovation. Without resourcefulness and creative ideas, the new development in artificial intelligence or digital learning will not be possible.

In STEM education activities children learn in a good and safe environment that allows them to fall and try again and again. STEM education prepares children for failure as a part of learning exercises, which will prepare students to accept their mistakes as a part of the learning process. This will help students to build confidence which will help them keep going. In the end, failure is part of every learning process.

Without taking risks and experimenting technological advancements that have occurred have taken place in the last few decades wouldn’t have been possible. These advanced technologies were created by people who were once rejected for their invention. Students participating in experiments prepare them for a never-failing attitude. STEM education can be taught to children of all ages and with different ability levels. In STEM education children are taught a variety of skills that they can use in the real world. This mainly motivates children, as they think that the acquired knowledge will be utilized in their regular day-to-day life. Their ability and intelligence to apply their knowledge to new and novel tasks will predict well when they join the workforce.

STEM learning teaches children about technology and innovation. So when children face new technologies they can readily accept them, instead of being hesitant. This will uplift them in the global landscape, as the world is becoming technology-oriented. STEM education teaches learners how to solve problems by using their critical thinking capabilities. To succeed in life, STEM learners have to apply their STEM knowledge to different variety of scenarios. STEM education teaches its learner how to use these concepts in real life.

The Myths and Realities of Stem Education

STEM education is gaining its popularity. Schools consider STEM subjects very important and include it in the curriculum making it an essential part of what they teach. STEM education develops the 21st century skills of children.

STEM education is highly benefiting children and prepares them for the future. Incorporate the following skills in them for their future profession.

Improves Creativity – STEM education helps to increase the creativity level in children. They become capable of thinking out of the box and come up with new ideas. Kids become disciplined and share unique ideas and have a positive approach towards everything they do. They can solve complex issues on their own.

Increase Team collaboration – STEM education lays importance in collaboration and teamwork to teach children the value of communication and leadership towards achieving common goals.

Builds Communication Skills – Communication is a very important skill. The ability to discuss and convey complex concepts and learning from others is the main key towards success when they grow up. Group activities in STEM develop social skills such as active listening, open – mindness, and prepare them for giving and receiving feedback.

Boost Curiosity – STEM education permits kids to ask questions like “how’ and ‘when’. STEM builds the imaginative power of children and they often come up with their unique solutions.

Improves Cognitive Skills – STEM education builds the cognitive skills in children, that uplifts the thinking, leading and reading capabilities in a child. If the children are actively engaged in STEM education they develop and strengthen their cognitive skills and learn the primary stages of coding and engineering in primary school.

Introduces STEM Careers at an Early Age – Research portrays that the majority of the careers are related to STEM education. If a child is introduced to STEM subjects at an early age, he is getting introduced to a world filled with immense opportunities and building the skills required in the 21st century.

Enhance Media Literacy – Students engage in STEM education through research and inquiry. Students need to be a part of active learning for inquiry. Children generate their own questions and find out the answers through reading and researching. In these situations children learn how to use STEM learning and apply them in regular day to day life.


STEM education helps children to improve their social emotional learning skills, before conforming themselves as the active member of the society. Various different industries are looking for disciplined individuals to fill the positions. People enter the workforce with an advantage after seeking STEM education.

Supporting Tech Supply Through STEM Education

Technology is constantly changing and it depends upon the educator to teach students how to understand and adapt it, so that they can apply it for their future purposes. Some students face lack of technology preparation as well as digital divide like getting access to top quality and functioning technology, connectivity to the proper internet connection, and a proper digital literacy like how to use the hardware and the software options which are available on the tech devices.

From early ages, student requires immersive, careful and inclusive experiences to prepare the students from the tech workforce. The demand for technological professional is increasing year after year, and the supply is struggling to keep up with the pace. Building interest in STEM education in children is very important for the future.

Preparing Children for the Future Work Through STEM Education –

Schools and educators are responsible for developing skills and capabilities in students, while encouraging them to think in a different manner and maximize their abilities. Maximum schools are not taking initiative in their full potential. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math is the main part of secondary school academic training, so that we can secure the future of our children and also upgrade the diversity of thoughts and perception.

IBM’s P- Tech model spans grade 9-14 allow children, primarily from unfair background to earn both high school diploma and a no- cost associate degree in STEM discipline through a six year course. The course helps to ensure that the children who are interested in technology and have ample opportunities and gained the skill set they require for their future career. In STEM education one of the most important key skill learnt by students is problem solving.

A child’s passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) must be polished and nurtured for betterment. Access to STEM education must be given to all. With the increase attention in STEM over the last few years in schools it’s given the top priority to improve the future generation. Quality STEM education is not about having proper access to technology and science lab.

Practical Tips for STEM Educators

We are all aware that the STEM subjects go beyond school subjects. STEM sets the skill set that builds the way we think and behave in society. Uniting science, technology, engineering and mathematics, STEM education prepares students to face and solve challenges the world faces in recent times.

Preparation of STEM Experts Who Can Make a Difference

STEM education offers people a skill set that prepares them and makes them more employable to face the labor demand required in the industry. STEM education surrounds the whole range of experiences and skills. Science provides students an in-depth understanding of the world around us. STEM education helps learners to become the best at researching and in critical-thinking. Technology prepares young minds to work in a surrounding full of high- tech innovation. Engineering allows learners to increase their problem-solving capacity and apply knowledge in new projects. Mathematics helps learners to examine information, remove errors, and make conscious decisions when making a solution. STEM education links all these disciplines into a cohesive system. STEM education prepares professionals who can transform society into innovation and with a long- lasting solution.

STEM subjects are focused on serving solutions to the concerns that society has today. Lack of environmental education led to various challenges. New advanced approaches to teaching and learning have made an appearance from STEM and the subject has become more non-segregated. Strong importance has been given on applying scientific skills, learning technological production skills and design thinking. Most importantly, STEM education is all about crossing the gap between classroom and real-life. Some of the main approaches you can take while teaching your students about STEM subjects. Your role as a tutor is to create curiosity and prompt reflection.

The main motive of inquiry based learning is to find out the learner’s role in the learning process, so that they are encouraged to ask as many questions as they like surrounding the subject-matter. Skills set which is developed from such kind of learning involves critical-thinking, questioning and problem-solving. STEM lessons that involve many fields might sound intimidating, but will be quite an exciting process to design a curriculum.

STEM Education & Kids: A Never Ending Story

Maximum teachers are well aware of the importance of STEM, but you may be searching for guidance on how best to apply it in your school. If you have a pre-school-going child at your home, you must have heard several questions regarding the surroundings. The children always have curiosity inside them to know everything. Children possess a wide-open curiosity about the world. 

Despite the hungry interest so, many kids have in STEM topics such as science, technology, engineering, and math, the enthusiastic nature of children tends to fade as they grow older. But with STEM careers making a large part of today’s economy, it’s actually not a wrong idea to feed that fire. STEM-related activities need to be introduced from a very early age, as it is highly important in today’s age of information. The capability to innovate, be technologically fluent, and deeply understand how and why things work is highly important. 

What Are The STEM Activities For Children? 

Simple STEM activities for young learners will help reinforce important life skills and help uplift interest in these essential fields potentially.

  1. Cloud in a Jar – Condensation, water cycle, and states of matter all receive some attention with this delightful activity. A few household ingredients like water and hair spray combine together to show the formation of a cloud for children. 

These STEM activities can be very easy for little learners or scaled up for children into an experiment with two different procedures to make a cloud, along with conversion about how water-cycle works in the environment.

  1. Oil Spills – In this activity, you would require to mix oil and water in a large container and add a few feathers to it. Then supply the materials to your children such as sponges, small spoons, and paper towels, and provide them with the simple instructions to remove the oil from the water and feather. 

STEM projects for children, the average parents or teachers can easily engage their children in STEM-related activities. Some simple inexpensive STEM activities for children, now you are well-equipped to guide your children and help them explore the exciting foundation of science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Value of STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education gives importance in preparing the future generation successful career options for them. The abilities acquired from STEM schooling reach out past those should have been fruitful in STEM field, planning kids with different various kinds of interest, who move into any industry to have a significant arrangement of abilities that permit them to be effective in any field.

Different Skills Derived from STEM Education

STEM education teaches kids more than science and mathematics concepts. STEM education mainly focus on hands, on learning with the real world application helps children develop varieties of skills, including creativity and skills which is required in the 21st century. 21st century skills include media and technological knowledge, productivity, social media skills, communication, flexibility and other initiatives. There are many other skills that are obtained from STEM education like it develops the problem solving capabilities of children, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, possessing a leadership qualities, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and much more. These skills in children are developed only through STEM education preparing them to be smart and innovative in their approach.

The Importance of Innovation 

The ability to think critically and challenge the standard is the basis of innovation. STEM education gives student the opportunity. It sets the skill set of how we think and behave in the society. Each STEM element delivers a well-rounded contribution of experiences and skills. Science provides young learners an in depth understanding of the world around us and helps children to become the best in critical thinking. Technology helps young learner to work in a working environment filled with high tech innovation. Engineering allows young minds to enhance the problem solving capabilities and apply knowledge for new projects. Mathematics enables young learners to analyze information, analyses any information, eliminate any kind of error, and create conscious decision when designing solution. STEM education unites these above disciplines together into a unite system. STEM education prepares student who can transform the society with new innovation and sustainable solutions. It is observed that project based learning and problem solving capabilities help students to have a special mindset. STEM education’s core is in flexibility and curiosity, which prepares learners to the real world challenges.

STEM Enhance Team Work and Communication

STEM education prepare the future generation for better opportunities. It is fully based on team work and collaboration of professional from various other fields. STEM learning assembles a mentality that empowers you to turn into a piece of the profoundly qualified work power later on. Cooperation acquires an increment usefulness, work fulfillment, and extraordinary productivity. Collaborative experiences widen the impact of STEM education. Working with local expert and international business partners, we can promote our values and move towards a single goal. Through this way we can improve our communities and offer better educational and job opportunities for the youths. Such open admittance to the top notch experience is just conceivable when we join information and abilities. There is exceptionally appeal of STEM abilities in the public arena. STEM mindfulness advances interest in the scope of vocations.

How to Prepare Young Learners to be Innovators –

Prepare our future generation for innovators and inventors of tomorrow begin with the STEM education program. Summer camps, after school programs provides various opportunities to take traditional learning and make it a hand on experience and real world appeal needed for developing an innovative mind. Learn more about the STEM based learning programs which is the first steps in preparing children for a better future.

The world we live in is changing every day, and we must upgrade ourselves with it. STEM education changes society and by offering students a new mindset and advanced skills valued in any profession. STEM allows young people to be flexible and estimate information.

STEM For Girls : Enabling Creative Minds

STEM education mainly teaches children more concepts than science and mathematics. Children learning using the real world application help develop a variety of skill set, along with creativity and 21st century skills. The 21st century skills include media and technology knowledge, productivity and social skills, communication, flexibility and initiative. Basic skills of STEM education include problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, decision making and leadership, entrepreneurship, accepting any failure and more. The ability of the children to think critically and challenge standards is the basis of innovation.  Preparing the recent generation to become the inventors of the future begins with the STEM education. Some of the STEM  games for girls are the following –

1. Osmo number game – if you are new to osmo games then select option game +iPhone base or game+ osmo ipad base, to get the osmo base required to play this STEM  game. Let your child add, count and multiply the titles to pop the number bubbles. Popping enough will free fish and unleash a lightning storm. It is better to learn with the number master.

2. Ozobot Bit 2.0 (dual Pack) – Ozobot Bit 2.0 is an amazing game for both boys and girls. It is the award winning game. It won Kapi’s best robot toy at 2015 consumer electronics show. It picks up papers and markers to draw coded maze. It is quick and easy to drag and drop blocks of codes. Your child can enjoy endless hours of fun when you download the free ozbot’s website activities and the IOS and android ozbot app to play with the interactive games for entry level.

You can create challenges and DIY activities, and you can even design your own games to share with your friends and the other ozobot community. There are recommended teachers for free programming and STEM inspired lesson programs suitable for different ages and level.

3. Sassy sacks of circles – Sassy sacks of circles have different size rings for strengthening the hand and eye coordination of a child. Each ring is numbered for counting. The big and chunky rings make it easy for children to grasp hold and strengthening the basic motor skill. You can easily teach your child how to recognize colors by naming them baby sacks to each colorful ring. It is also dishwasher safe.

4. Picasso titles 100 piece set – You can teach your children the basic concept of creativity. Children can easily learn colors, geometrical shapes, including 3D forms number count, magnetic polarities and many architectural designs at a very early age. It uplifts the creativity which is the main key towards success in today’s daily life. Picasso titles 100 set is the best educational presence for children that will never go out of fashion. Magnet building titles clear 3D color magnet building blocks and play board for children. It is easy to construct and put away for storage purpose.

What is the Importance of STEM & Why we Keep Talking About it?

Why is STEM Important?

The world these days is dependent on the STEM, and this word means (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and for this reason it so important for the world and for us too, so when we say STEM its not just a simple code for something, it is the base of  health care, manufacturing, food production, and a lot of other fields, we may think that its a point less thing but the sure thing is we can’t live without it.

you want also to know why it is important? so let me tell you that this year there are 2.4 million STEM jobs projected to go unfilled this year, such as Civil Engineers, Computer Programmers, Medical Scientists.

for computer jobs as programming and other things you can super easily learn them for free from the internet, and you can get a high paid for an hour more than a non-STEM job with 99% in the average.

Why We Keep Talking about STEM? 

So easy answer because of its importance, and we have to make every family look to the future of their children by making them start their early childhood learning progress, you may be wondering how can a child learn things?

scientific have made and found a solution for this matter, let me ask you first what is the thing that children do most of the time? yes, they are playing and for that, they make what is called Stem Toy you can check for the best thing you want, and buy all the products that you like.

Invest in yourself, in your children and in the future of our planet, and the future of human beings, if it’s not for you by investing in your children you make them guarantee their opportunity to work with so higher paying job.

The Impact of STEM Education on Society

STEM Education is very important for kids now a days and it goes beyond school subjects. It prepares the children how they think and behave in the society. Merging science, technology, engineering and mathematics, STEM education helps to build the mental capacity and tries to solve the challenges the world faces in recent times.

STEM education provides people with skills that make them more employable and ready to meet their recent labor need. Each STEM components have a valuable contribution. Science provides an in-depth understanding of the world around us in a scientific way. It helps to build a better research capacity and critical thinking ability. Technology prepares children to work in an environment full of high tech innovations.

Engineering helps students to enhance the problem solving capacity and knowledge in a new project. Mathematics helps students to analyze information, eliminate errors, and make conscious decisions when designing solution.

STEM Education Enhances Teamwork and Communication –

STEM Education prepare the future generation for the future. A well-educated STEM student does not need to be an expert in each particular subject. You would acquire a mindset that will help you to become a member of a highly educated and qualified workforce, which functions in collaboration.

A Roadmap to Success: Foundation of STEM Learning –

This is for parents and teachers who are willing to build their young mind with skills and talent. A Roadmap to Success is an indispensable tool for thoughtful parents trying to build their child’s skill. Provide your children with the advantage they deserve. The ability to complete a difficult task or reach worthwhile intellectual goal is not found just like that, it is the outcome of a well laid foundation, and a skill set which is crafted to provide success.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, its  core is a set of tool that will build the young person’s mind and shape it in such a way that they flourish in any filed they choose. Children minds can stretch to extra ordinary lengths if they are properly trained. Parents and teachers have found ways how to develop and shape young minds.

The foundational skills for success are explained in details and the readers are led through how they can be imparted to young minds for their benefit. The thinking process and inquiry are clarified and systematic problem solving techniques are discussed in details, this helps parents to unlock the amazing potential of their child’s brain.

Robot Turtle

It is a backed board game. It teaches programming fundamentals to children up to 4 years of age, and is inspired by the logo programing language. This game allows kids to write program with playing cards. This game is invented by Dan Shapiro and seen on NPR, Bloomberg, and make magazine.

Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for wizard only –

This game is only for Wizards. it is the best educational kit that will help to teach science, behind the magic. Some chemicals include critic acid, baking soda, vegetable oil, co polymer, red cabbage powder, color tablet, and zinc sulfide. Supplies include four test tubes with a stand, one clear tube wand with two caps. Two measuring scoops, purple stickers, star stickers, and activity guide.

Beyond the classroom aquarium-

A circular sequence of 14 project based, STEM oriented aquatic ecosystem themed learning activities your student will love – Beyond the classroom aquarium guides teachers and students though a challenging and innovative circular sequence of project based. STEM oriented aquatic ecosystem themed learning activities. Aquatic ecosystem provide an engaging themed opportunities to apply and asses student’s interest in engineering, design, technology, math, communication, art and performance of real world problem analysis and resolution are many. The project description in beyond the class room, aquarium is to use as a guide, in which educator can modify a project according to their requirement, and create corresponding assessment strategy to upgrade the student.

Beyond the classroom aquarium projects allows the teachers to introduce their students to computer automation, micro controller technologies, and equipment. This game involves students in the processes of system design and formative design. Expose students to multiplicity of skilled trades. Beyond the classroom Aquarium is designed to create a basic difference in every student’s life. The main intention of this game is to provide fun along with compact learning.

The Big Bag of Science –

The big bang of science is an entertaining game for kids. The game is filled with experiment that will amaze and entertain children, and teach the basics of chemistry. This game offers collection of more than seventy experiments designed for grade school children. This is not the exact chemistry kit. This game is basically designed for children to learn about science in a playful manner. Everything about this science kit indicates that it was thoughtfully designed to teach the basic of science.