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Have you ever wondered, what would we have been today if Thomas Edison hadn’t invented the bulb in 1879, could we imagine our life without electricity? The answer is a big no, five minutes of electricity down makes us restless, it seems our work has come to a standstill, as because for every inch to pin work, we are dependent on electricity whether directly or indirectly.

In today’s information and technology-dependent and woven life, we couldn’t even move a step forward without electricity. Whether it is our mobile or laptop charging, for various kitchen appliances, water supply to our homes, air conditioners, geysers, wireless connections, water dispensers, refrigerator, for all we need electricity. We can ignore but cannot deny the significance of electricity in our lives. The successful output of banks, big mega corporates, ATMs, shopping complexes, could have been possible only with 24×7 supply of electricity. The whole complex process of the metro network, airways and railways had been highly dependent on electricity. A little glitch in any wire has the power to disturb the whole metro network, disturbing the daily schedule of thousands of working people dependent on it. The online classes, work from home and webinars during the current pandemic situation had been only possible with the reach of electricity to almost every corner of urban areas. Thus, the human in today’s time human sustenance is impossible without the availability of electricity.

How Electricity reaches our homes

The energy that makes the bulb to light is the electricity but it does not come just by switching on the switch but there is a long procedure from the production, generation, transmission and then distribution of the electricity. There are various sources through which electricity can be obtained. These sources are divided into conventional and non-conventional. The conventional or non-renewable sources are coal, petroleum, natural gas, and nuclear gas while non-conventional and renewable sources are the sun, biomass, water, wind, tides, thus these can be renewed or taken again one replenished. But non-renewable cannot be replenished again once they are utilised. Thus, need to be used with care.

The plants of these sources are set up through which the electricity is formed. Thus, after production, the transmission of electricity is taken into account. After the conversion of energy into kinetic energy, the electricity that is formed is transmitted into enormous wires and underground cables through which electricity reaches to the substations of electricity. These substations are located millions of miles away from residential areas. After the electricity reaches to the substations then it is diffused to the homes in cities and other residential areas. Through this procedure, the electricity reaches our homes and makes human survival easy.

Electricity uses in day to day life

In today’s time, we are surrounded by enormous techy gadgets that run through electric energy. Everything whether our sources of entertainment or the appliances for our comfort, all require electricity to work. Thus, people’s survival is impossible without the presence of electricity.

As without entertainment life becomes boring and stressful. So some medium of entertainment is necessary and all these mediums can entertain us only when electricity is available. We cannot use our mobiles and laptops without electricity. Television, the biggest entertainment source cannot be available if we do not supply electricity to it. Watching movies, DVDs, Mp3 players, all is possible only due to electric energy. Even the internet through wifi connection can be operated only through the use of electricity.

The development of health infrastructure is useless if the latest technology machines do not work. The modern health care machine can be operated and use to treat people only when electric energy is supply to it. Even operations and surgeries can be done only through electricity as how without light and monitors the operation can be done. The electronic beds, ventilators, monitors, oxygen supplying machines, various doctor’s tools all require electric energy. So, without electric energy hospitals and health care facilities cannot be operated and use for treating people.

The clothes we wear can be stitch all through the sewing machine. The sewing machine can be operated through electricity only. So if electricity is not there even we cannot get our fully stitched and designer dresses.

The globalisation of the world becomes possible only through international transporting facilities. These transporting mediums of humans work only with proper electricity facility like aeroplanes cannot fly and transport people if electricity is not there. The Metro services which is the lifeline of urban cities, railways and airways all depend on the supply of electricity to become in operation.

In our houses, there are a variety of electronic appliances, which makes life fast and comfortable. The microwaves, washers and dryers, dishwashers, dispensers, refrigerators, ovens, toasters, grinders, blenders and many more household appliances can provide services only when an electric current is given to them. Other than these our houses and buildings are constructed only through the supply of electricity as various civil engineering activities uses electric machines. Even digging and mining activities to require electricity.

In factories, heavy machinery and other processes from making to the packing of items are done through electricity only. In offices and at workplaces, from lighting, lifts, laptops, air conditions, scanners to tea making pots all require electricity to provide services. Even in malls, complexes, banks, all run through electricity. Even our streets lighten only due to electric street lights. The geysers for heating water in winters to supply water in big sports stadium grounds all require electricity. The sports events, wedding functions, formal office meetings, sports and other competitions all require electricity. No event can be organised without the availability of electricity, thus electricity is very important.

The recent example of the electricity uses is when during the lockdown due to the pandemic, everyone was completely depended on their electric gadgets to connect with others. The online classes, webinars, work from home, online conferences were made possible only due to the supply of electricity through which they can charge their electronic gadgets.

Thus, the uses of electricity are boundless in today’s modern and the progressing world and human survival is not possible without the electric current.

How to save electricity?

While there had been numerous uses and significance of electricity in our life, however, the excessive use of air conditioners, refrigerators and other such appliances harm the environment. The toxic release by the big hydropower plants and chlorofluorocarbon release from these electronic appliances is damaging the ozone layer and causing global warming. Hence if we save electricity we can reduce the number of toxic gases released by them.

There are several ways through which we can contribute to saving our planet, such as switching off the electric lights and fans when not in use, reducing the amount of electricity used in the day time, use energy-saving devices, appliances and LED bulbs, cutting down the use of unnecessary electronic devices such as dishwasher, and we can contribute to healthy planet by planting more plants and saving other non-renewable resources.

Besides hydro-electricity, there are alternate environment-friendly ways to produce electricity and that are widely in use these days. Like the electricity produced through solar power, geothermal and wind power which will help to reduce the greenhouse gas’s emission and reduces some types of air pollution and the impact of climate change.


As electricity is a very significant part of our life so we need to save electricity. We use electricity in enormous ways in our day to day life. Whether in our homes or houses or even I roads we consume electricity at every step. For entertainment, traveling, visiting offices, in banks, using ATMs at every place we need electricity. Using daily household appliances, like television, ACs, washing machines, dryers everything runs through electric current. In our office’s computers, scanners, lifts, all require electricity. Even in schools and colleges, various machines like water tanks, computers, cafeteria’s various food making machines, smart boards, administrative activities everything requires electricity to operate. The construction activities and engineering activities can only be done with the use of electricity. The hospitals running to treat people cannot treat them without the supply of electricity as various hospital infrastructure from electronic beds to ventilators all are electricity consuming machines.

Thus, this essential commodity must be saved and use it properly. It is necessary to use alternative renewable means of electricity to save replenished sources of electricity. Use solar, wind, hydro-electricity instead of coal and petroleum operated electricity. Use sustainable development measures to save electricity in which the use of the present resources is done in a way that the presence of these resources will be made available to the future generation also. It is also necessary to save electricity in our daily household chores and in every way possible to save this precious and highly significant resources otherwise the time is no longer a way where no electricity will be present to the future generation.