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Exploring the Fascinating World of LEGO Ideas Birds

LEGO has been a beloved toy for generations, allowing children and adults alike to unleash their creativity and build anything they can imagine. But did you know that LEGO also has a line of bird sculptures? These intricate and detailed sets are part of the LEGO Ideas collection, where fans can submit their own designs for consideration to become official LEGO sets. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of LEGO Ideas birds and the talented designers behind them.

The LEGO Ideas Collection

The LEGO Ideas collection is a platform where fans can submit their own designs for LEGO sets. These designs are then voted on by the community, and if they receive enough support, they are reviewed by the LEGO team for potential production. This allows for unique and creative sets to be brought to life, including the popular bird sculptures.

The Designers

LEGO Ideas Birds

by Daniel K Cheung (https://unsplash.com/@danielkcheung)

The LEGO Ideas birds sets were designed by two talented LEGO fans, Thomas Poulsom and Tom Poulsom (yes, they have the same name!). Thomas Poulsom is a professional LEGO builder and designer, while Tom Poulsom is a graphic designer and illustrator. Both of them have a passion for birds and have combined their love for LEGO and birds to create these stunning sets.

The Sets

There are currently three LEGO Ideas bird sets available: the Blue Jay, the Hummingbird, and the Robin. Each set contains around 580-600 pieces and comes with a display stand and information about the bird species. The sets are designed to be realistic and accurate, with intricate details such as movable wings and poseable legs.

Building and Displaying

Building a LEGO Ideas bird set is a fun and challenging experience. The sets come with detailed instructions and can take a few hours to complete. Once built, they make for beautiful display pieces, whether on a shelf or as part of a larger LEGO collection. The sets also make for great gifts for bird lovers and LEGO enthusiasts alike.

The Community

LEGO Ideas has a strong and supportive community, with fans sharing their own builds and modifications of the bird sets. There are also contests and challenges for fans to participate in, showcasing their creativity and love for LEGO. The community also provides a platform for fans to connect with the designers and share their appreciation for the sets.


LEGO Ideas birds are a unique and fascinating addition to the LEGO world. They combine the fun and creativity of LEGO with the beauty and wonder of birds. Whether you are a fan of LEGO, birds, or both, these sets are a must-have for any collection. So why not try your hand at building your own LEGO bird sculpture and join the community of LEGO Ideas fans? Who knows, your design may become the next official LEGO set!