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How Do You Turn On Dash Robot? A Start-to-Finish Guide for Dash

How Do You Turn On Dash Robot

How do you turn on Dash robot? According to Wonder Workshop, “To turn on Dash, simply press the power button located on the top of his head.”

The first step to unlocking the world of interactive learning and fun with Dash Robot is to turn it on.

However, simply pressing the power button is only the beginning of what makes Dash such a joy to discover.

Keep reading to discover joys provided by this amazing Dash robot!

Key Takeaways

To start your Dash robot, ensure it is fully charged then press the power button to activate it.

Connecting Dash to the Wonder app through a mobile device allows you to program and control Dash wirelessly for creative, interactive play. (1)

How Do You Turn On Dash Robot?

How Do You Turn On Dash RobotHow Do You Turn On Dash Robot

Starting your journey with Dash is easy as can be. First, gently lift the robot’s head to find the power button right on top – a single press is all it takes!

Within moments, you’ll hear the welcome sounds and see those expressive eyes light up, signaling Dash is active and eager to explore.

Wonder Workshop makes learning accessible to all with the block-based “Blockly” app, ideal for beginners.

By simply dragging and dropping graphic code blocks, children can program behaviors and routines for Dash without reading a single line of text-based code. (2)

More experienced coders can unleash their skills through the “Wonder” app and its full Python coding environment.

You can even try programming Dash without apps through codes printed with the Sketch Kit!

Dash Robot also invites kids to take their skills to the next level through robotics competitions.

Tournaments challenge children’s coding and building abilities while nurturing teamwork and creativity. Winners receive prizes and international recognition!

Whatever your approach, Dash Robot is endlessly entertaining while sneakily instilling skills.

So turn on that power button and unleash all the wonder of coding, robotics and all that Dash can offer – the future truly is in their hands!

Charge Your Battery

Getting your new Dot Robot ready for playful projects and puzzles is simple with the included charging cord.

A full charge gives around 2 hours of exploring Dot’s neighborhood before it’s time to rest.

Dot robots come with everything needed straight out of the box. The building brick connectors allow for guided challenges like building structures and solving mazes.

Dash and dot can even be programmed using the app to teach basic coding concepts. Children and adults alike will enjoy these device compatible creative activities.

Many are surprised to learn just how much the small grippers can handle. Stack textbooks, lift pillows, even walk across the living room rug – all with the power of a full battery.

I still recall my own Dot transporting toys and tools around the house under manual control. The curious nature of these robots make fix-it projects quite entertaining!

To charge Dot, simply plug the included charging cord into the port on their back.

Then connect the other end to any usb compatible wall outlet or power bank.

Leave Dot charging for about an hour to refill the battery. You’ll know it’s fully charged when the power light stays solid instead of flashing.

From that point, Dot is ready for two hours of guided play. The app syncs wirelessly to see a picture of your robot in action.

Tap buttons to command Dot’s movements or initiate a script you’ve written yourself. Possibilities are endless at this scale.

With some patience during charging, a world of building brick fun awaits your Dot.

My guide has some pictures included showing a few assembly ideas if you need inspiration. Now get exploring and see where the day takes you and Dot!

Turn on the Robot by Plugging in its Battery Pack

Dash robots contain rechargeable lithium-ion cells in their battery packs.

These need recharging with the included USB cable to power robots between uses. Charging time ranges from 1-5 hours depending on battery type.

Alkaline batteries recharge quicker than NiMH batteries, taking only 1-2 hours for a full charge compared to 4-5 hours.

Many Dash owners keep an extra set on hand for swap-ins on busy days.

With batteries fully charged, simply press the small black power button located on the left side to turn Dash on.

Newer models have an LED light next to the button showing charge level.

To start Dash, press and hold both volume buttons under its head until hearing a voice prompt. 

This signals Dash is running and ready for programming fun.

The Kara app wirelessly pairs with Dash to control movements or create programs. Young students enjoy using Blockly, which introduces concepts like problem solving through a puzzle-like interface.

More advanced coders appreciate Dash coding for its versatility.

Dash truly is a wonder platform. The late Wonder Workshop team including Kara Applegate created a robot inspiring creativity for all ages.

Keep those lithium-ion cells charged to fuel more making, playing and solving with Dash!

Initializing Dash Robot for First Use

The first step with any new Dash robot is proper initialization so it’s prepped for all the exciting exploring ahead.

Once the battery is fully charged, set your Dash down on a smooth, flat surface before powering on.

The power button, commonly found towards the back, must be held for a few seconds until the lights or sounds activate.

This lets you know Dash is now ready to take commands. Sometimes these bots just need a little extra time to warm up!

Some models have a single button while others separate the power and play functions.

No matter the design, pressing and holding accomplishes that important first start. Just follow Dash’s cues for when it’s fully ready to engage.

Dash will then work through its internal setup process. Programming guru Andy Larmand says to allow a minute or two for this initialization dance.

It’s calibrating sensors and performing system checks so your bot is primed for safe, “based coding” fun.

Troubleshooting is rare but resources like FAQs and support teams stand by if issues arise on day one. Most of all keep an open and positive mindset.

With care and patience, your Dash will soon reward all efforts with hours of journeys ahead! Now let the discoveries begin.

Download Additional Software

There is nothing like watching your coding ideas come to life. Many have found joy in bringing Dash to life through creative programming. To get rolling, a few things are needed.

First off, you’ll need to download the Wonder app. This lets you visually create programs for Dash through drag and drop blockly style coding.

It’s like a puzzle for problem solving. The app takes all the guesswork out of getting Dash’s wheels turning. Through the app, you can control Dash’s movements, sounds, and more.

Another option is the Sketch Kit. This free web tool lets you write JavaScript code and see how it controls Dash in a simulator. It’s perfect for older coders to get their feet wet before trying ideas out on the real robot.

Some have had success with Sketch Kit in robotics competitions against others online. The tool certainly helps hone skills.

Of course, to truly see your work in action, Dash is a must. The kindly robot is ready to perform routines with the download of programs from either app.

Dash excels at making coding visual and interactive. Just drag and drop on a tablet or phone, then watch Dash roll. Many report it’s fun to program Dash and see lights, sounds, and motions come to life.

Update Firmware if Necessary

Getting the latest software is key before tinkering with Dash. Wonder Workshop often adds new guided challenges, activities, and improvements through app updates.

It’s always fun when this happens! To enjoy all that’s offered, checking for firmware upgrades is a must.

This is easily done straight from the Wonder app. Just go to the settings and hit “check for updates.” The app will quickly search for any new device compatibility or feature downloads.

I always encourage newcomers to Dash to perform this step right away. Why, you may miss out on new coding concepts or story elements otherwise!

You’d be surprised how many great additions come over time. Recently, adjustments help with things like pairing two robots together for even more complex building challenges.

The always-expanding library keeps routines feeling fresh too. I don’t want anyone to miss out just because their app or robot software is now out of date.

Take it from personal experience – I once went months without updating, only to later discover what I had been lacking.

Ever since, I make sure Wonder Workshop’s roving creations stay up-to-date.

A quick online check ensures maximum enjoyment from these playful projects and puzzles for a long time to come!

Connect Your Smart Device & Enjoy!

With software ready and Dash powered on, the fun really starts. Dash’s skills seem endless with all it can do.

One popular activity is map making – you draw routes through mazes or obstacle courses using varied around-the-house materials.

This tests problem solving while imagining new spaces Dash can roll. Another is programming dance parties – cue up a favorite song then have Dash rock out with bouncing, spinning tricks.

My friends and I love thinking of scenarios for Dash too. One day he was a mail carrier, the next an explorer seeking fellow robots. No matter the storyline, Dash acts it out perfectly.

The Wonder platform truly inspires creative play that also teaches logical steps. You can customize scenarios further through accessories like gripper building kits too.

Plus there’s an entire online neighborhood full of ready-made digital activities.

Whether grouping shapes, answering questions or more, Dash provides engaging ways to introduce fundamental coding skills.

Best is sharing what you create on the app – others can play your programs as well. It’s amazing to see one robot bring such joy everywhere thanks to this community.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues in Turning On Dash Robot

Getting Dash up and rolling is key to the fun, so it’s important to address any hiccups along the way. Sometimes even the best-behaved robots need troubleshooting.

If Dash doesn’t power on as expected, start with a few basic checks before worry sets in.

First examine the battery compartment. Low battery life is the most common culprit, as all that exploring takes its toll over time. Recharge fully with the included cable to possibly fix it.

Though recharging may be all that’s needed, ensure the cable itself makes proper contact too.

Also check that no debris blocks connections or buttons. Try cleaning and resetting to reboot any “confused” circuits. For wireless devices, make certain the power switch near Dash’s battery area is toggled on as well.

When all else fails, a firmware refresh could be just what’s called for to get Dash back up to speed. Accessing this is easy through the app. Quite often a quick update handles software-related hiccups.

With patience and these simple steps, Dash will soon be back and better than ever. And if issues persist after all that, their helpful support team is always there. But don’t forget, sometimes all a tired robot needs is a break too!

Advanced Techniques: Voice Commands to Activate Dash Robot

While Dash excels at hands-on play, some models introduce hands-free control too through voice commands. This uses microphone inputs paired with speech recognition.

For those seeking an even more seamless interactive experience, voice activation can heighten the fun.

Rather than manually toggling power or navigation buttons, your words now serve as controls. Dash springs to life with a simple “Okay Dash, let’s go!”

Then guiding phrases direct its movements through any programmed courses or dances. Creative prompts inspire unique scenarios as well hands-on fun.

Bringing voice capabilities to robotics is no small feat for sure. Specialized software breaks down speech patterns to commands Dash comprehends.

The development required really shows the ingenuity of Wonder Workshop’s team. Their resourcefulness keeps pushing boundaries with innovative discoveries.

It’s always exciting to witness robots grow smarter through technological breakthroughs. Voice control for some Dash models highlights ongoing progress.

For many owners, interactions with Dash feel even more natural now thanks to these advances. The future promises more magical mysteries still to come!

In the meantime, try experimenting with different tonal phrases tailored for Dash if it supports speech recognition. Unleash imagination entirely hands-free or combined as you prefer.

However one connects, joy blossoms freely with this ever-evolving robot friend.

Turning On Dash Robot Remotely: App Integration Guide

While Dash loves exploring the up-close, its app allows exciting remote control too.

Say your robot is tucked away in another room – no problem! With a few taps, its magical world can still be accessed.

All that’s needed is downloading the official Wonder app. Log in then scan for nearby Dash robots.

Within moments, every found bot will appear ready for interaction. From a laptop or mobile device, its interface gives full control. Best yet, no physical contact required.

With a simple press of Dash’s digital power button, its systems activate as if you were there. Movement can then be initiated from anywhere.

No more leaving one’s cozy spot to restart between activities either. Remote activation adds convenience to fit any lifestyle.

This is a real time-saver for imaginative playdates and classroom coding sessions too. Teachers love keeping all student bots on task simultaneously without disturbance.

Projects roll ahead while they assist others one-on-one nearby. What’s more, lessons grow with Dash’s innovative features added over time through app updates.

So whether Dash has become sleepy after lively adventures or is across the house, your voice springs it back to play in seconds flat wirelessly.

Its app empowers connection anywhere, anytime. Distance proves no barrier to building, dancing and overall robot joy with this little genius!

Best Practices: Maintaining Dash Robot for Optimal Performance

Ensuring long-term joy from Dash takes some attentive care. Proper maintenance means many more adventures together down the road.

A few easy precautions go far in protecting its inner-workings from harm.

Regular cleaning prevents dirt and grime build-up that can interfere with functions over time.

Gently wipe away dust weekly with a dry microfiber cloth and watch worn parts shine like new. Quick spot-checks spot potential issues early too.

Checking for app updates is equally key. New downloads often supply improvements through firmware upgrades. Staying current future-proofs Dash.

Tucked away upgrades are like getting a “new” robot!

When not in use, store Dash in a safe spot out of direct light or heat sources which can damage plastic exterior or circuitry.

Catch-alls or plastic bins make handy mobile homes between activities. Proper charging as instructed maintains the battery optimally as well.

With these simple precautions taken, Dash delivers years of learning through play. Regular maintenance and updates ensure smooth operation for all upcoming adventures.

Don’t be afraid to contact the thoughtful Wonder Workshop team either if more help is needed keeping robots running at full power. Together we can care for Dash now and for seasons more of innovative fun ahead.

Here are 4 frequently asked questions about turning on the Dash robot in markdown formatting:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the on/off switch location on Dash?

The on/off switch is located on the back towards the bottom of Dash, near where you would plug in the charger.

It is a small black sliding button.

Slide it to the left to power Dash on.

Make sure to slide it right to turn Dash off when not in use.

How long does the battery last before recharging?

Dash can run for about 5 hours on a full charge.

The Wonder and Blockly apps will notify you when the battery gets low – usually Dash starts slowing down around the 15% battery mark.

It takes about 4-5 hours to fully recharge Dash from empty to full battery life.

Does Dash need to be turned on and off or can it stay on?

It’s best practice to power Dash completely off using the switch on the back when you are done playing.

This preserves full battery capacity over time.

However, if taking a short break, you can simply put Dash to sleep by pressing the power button on top.

This keeps Dash ready for quick use while saving some battery.

How do I know Dash is on and ready to use?

When turned on, Dash will make a boot-up sound and its eyes will glow blue.

Dash will then wait for a connection via the app or Blockly coding program to start receiving commands.

The eyes pulsating with cyan light means Dash is awake and ready for input.


With just a few taps, starting your Dash robot could not be easier. Charge it first so there is plenty of power. Then simply turn Dash on with the push of a button.

Connecting to the wonder app on a phone or tablet lets the real fun begin. Dash comes alive at your command through coding blocks or voice controls. The possibilities for play seem endless!

Whether dancing together, mapping out maze adventures, or enhancing stories with movement – Dash transforms any idea into an interactive experience. Its curious charm inspires creativity at every turn.

Quality precious time unfolds wherever your imagination leads. And with regular updates, Dash only grows wiser with age.

So don’t hesitate to start exploring all this clever robot has in store. Turning Dash on is just the beginning of boundless play that cultivates skills for the future. I hope you two have a magnificent time dashing off into all sorts of joyful discovery!


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