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How Do You Use a Dash Robot For Kids? This Perfect Answer May Suprise You in 2023

How Do You Use a Dash Robot For Kids
How Do You Use a Dash Robot For Kids

How do you use a dash robot for kids? Dash and Dot robots are fun, user-friendly robots designed to help teach kids the basics coding and robotics.

Dash and Dot come with sensors and LED lights, allowing them to interact with their environment. Kids additionally use apps on smartphones or tablets to control Dash’s movement, record sound, track its location, manipulate objects around it, and explore endless possibilities for creations.

How Do You Use a Dash Robot for Kids

How Do You Use a Dash Robot For Kids
How Do You Use a Dash Robot For Kids

Here’s a look at how kids can use Dash Robot in unique ways:

Create a Maze Game

Kids can design a maze using all sorts of objects available in the home such as chairs, books or boxes. Then they can program Dash to drive through the maze using predetermined paths or routes created by hand.

Looking at the physical world around them, kids can learn how angles work that help dictate how certain angles will move the robot faster – creating an interesting challenge conceptually as well as practically!

Interaction with Objects

Using loops within command lines that allow basic motions such as jumping back, turning left/right or moving forward/backwards – kids can programme Dash to interact with surrounding objects like drums or baskets placed on tables.

For instance if you place a drum in front of Dash, then program it correctly; when it hits the drum it will turn left automatically instead of just carrying on ahead!

This creates an element of fun as children get to experience their own learning outcomes from such activities – evaluating what went wrong and what worked in each attempt.

Programming Custom Routes

Another way for kids to use dash is for programming custom routes. With the help of the app available online; you are able to create pathways where drash will follow varying directions depending on how its been programmed previously – this helps develop logical thinking skills in addition teaching basic robotics concepts.

These pathways can be easily customised & tweaked according to age groups so that even younger children who cannot code yet are also able understand these operations better by following simple instructions like tapping arrows in order to move make their robots move around!

Storyboarding Projects

The interactive LED light placed around Das plays a role too; kids can programme these lights indicate story points visually while narrating stories verbally at same time enhancing their creative understanding process much further than just looking up answers online etcetera.

Even basics of animation principles could easily be explored here thanks for this feautre setting up entire visual environments which brings characters alive even further differentiating Dash from other coding toys found elsewhere.

Dashes are programmable robots that are designed to help kids to explore the world of coding. While they can be a bit intimidating at first, with the right skills and tools, you’ll be able to use a Dash robot and have lots of fun.

1. Connect Your Dash Robot

The first thing you need to do before you can get started with your Dash robot is to connect it to your computer. You will need either a USB or Bluetooth connection in order for your Dash robot to interact with your computer. Once connected, it should be ready for programming.

2. Download the Free App

In order for your Dash robot to respond correctly, you will need the free app available for both Android and iOS devices called Go Programming For Kids With Dash Robot & Wonder Workshop.

This app provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to create programs with simple commands like move forward and turn left or right in real-time on your device. It also includes tutorials on how to write more advanced programs using loops and conditionals.

3. Create Simple Programs

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the Interface within the app, it’s time to start creating programs for your Dash robot!

With just a few clicks of your mouse (or taps on a tablet or mobile device), you can start making simple programs which tell the dashboard what actions it needs to take as if giving it verbal instructions like “move 5 meters forward!” or “turn 90 degrees left!” etc..