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Making‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Way‌ ‌To‌ ‌The‌ ‌STEM‌ ‌World‌ ‌Today‌

STEM Education refers to the teaching and learning of subjects like science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM education is usually presented to kids through real-world learning experiences. STEM is very important because it builds critical thinking capabilities and creates a passion in children for new experiments and innovations. Beyond the benefits of learning science, technology, engineering and math, STEM education guides the young learner in problem solving and exploratory learning that guarantees success for a wide range of tasks and disciplines. You must always wonder that if STEM is so important then why do we always keep talking about it?

Why STEM is important –

The great part of STEM education is that there are various methods to teach it to your kids. Project based learning, proper instruction, 5E model, are all excellent methods to provide children with authentic experiences. With a wide range of choices, it can be difficult to start or move a step ahead. So, we have gathered a few tips for your STEM lessons to ensure that children receive the most out of what the educators are offering.

Assess with learning minds – 

The main focus of STEM education is on learning. With great learning comes the opportunity to focus on growth, mindset, and grit. It is quite obvious that children are bound to make mistakes in the process of learning and problem solving. We want to improve this by using different types of assessment methods that focus on learning and outcomes rather than punishing the child for the mistakes. Assessments options like – portfolios, journals checklist or rubrics and then provide students enough time to fix and learn from the mistakes they have created while learning. True feedback with positive reinforcement is an excellent way to design a thinking process and develop grit.

Make opportunities for creativity –

STEM education is all about creativity and design. STEM education should involve many modes of instruction, collaboration, exploration, research, direct instruction, and create small group activities.

Varieties of problems which we face today in our regular life will not be solved by adults, but by the students who are engaged in STEM learning. For example- whether to invent a better and a convenient way to distribute clean water, repopulate some endangered species, or traveling or colonizing mars, our expert student will lead the path. We can always inspire students to change the world into a new and better world. Ways through which STEM experiences inspires young learner to begin changing the world now and not waiting any further –

1. Find and Engage Students Around Their Passion – 

Young minds are always excited and passionate about things occurring in the real world. It could be anything like helping hurricane devastated areas or providing strong support to homeless and shelter less people. Students connecting passion to project-based learning, or providing enough opportunities to students who are desiring to become an advocate can develop STEM skills for the future.


2. Develop an Innovation as a part of 3M Young Scientist Challenge – 

Young learners are invited to create a video, describing a new, innovative solution that could resolve regular problems. Students who are passionate about science, a true spirit of innovation and ingenuity and highly effective communication skills. Teachers can teach their students on how new innovations are changing the world.


3. Take Part in The Stocktober Challenge – 

There are many different ways to create impact through service learning. Stocktober requests students to gather stocks for local people as winter months draw near. Students can also sell stocks that raise money for a child in a third world country to get a prosthetic leg. For every pair a stock was sold a part of it was donated to a local sheltered people.