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Be Amazing Toys Energy Stick


The Energy Stick is the newest tool in experimenting with open and closed circuits. Completely safe to touch and handle, the Energy Stick features electrodes on each end of its 7.5″ long tube. When these electrodes are touched simultaneously, long-lasting LED lights inside the tube flash and the tube makes a noise. Release one or both of the electrodes and the flashing lights and noise stop.



  • Great tool to teach the science of electricity
  • Find out if you’re a conductor of electricity
  • Explore the differences between insulators and conductors

How Does the Energy Stick Make Learning About Electricity Fun for Kids?

The amazing toys Energy Stick is a must-have science kit that makes learning about electricity incredibly fun.

This STEM learning toy allows kids to explore open and closed circuits by holding hands and completing the circuit, causing flashing lights on the Energy Stick.

It’s a perfect group activity for classrooms or independent learning at home.

By touching the Energy Stick, children can learn first-hand what materials conduct electricity well.

They’ll discover that their bodies and metals like coins are great conductors, while materials like plastic and wood do not conduct electricity well (insulators).

Seeing the stick light up is a powerful visual that boosts understanding of conductors and insulators.

Do You Want Your Child to Explore Key Science Concepts Like Conductors and Insulators?

The Energy Stick is the perfect science kit to let your child discover core science concepts like conductors and insulators.

This STEM learning toy uses flashing lights and hands-on experiments to demonstrate how electricity flows through conductive materials.

Kids can explore open and closed circuits by completing the loop with their hands or various household objects.

They’ll be amazed to find that their body, metals, and water easily conduct electricity and light up the stick.

In contrast, plastics, wood, and air are insulators that block or limit electricity flow.

Parents rave about how the Energy Stick takes intimidating science concepts and makes them simple and fun to grasp.

It’s a winner for independent or group learning that safely builds science skills and confidence.

Give your child the gift of understanding electricity through their own hands-on investigations with the remarkable Energy Stick today!

Teach Kids About Electricity and Turn Them Into Little Scientists with the Energy Stick

We’ve created an incredible STEM science kit that teaches young scientists about open and closed circuits in a fun and hands-on way.

The Energy Stick is a must-have addition to school supplies.

Participants hold one electrode, then gather up an entire class to form a circle holding hands.

This completes the circuit and allows electricity to flow through their bodies as human conductors.

They’ll be amazed when the stick flashes lights and sounds!

Kids can explore the science of electricity and circuits by breaking the circle to test conductivity.

The Energy Stick will do its magic, lighting up for materials that conduct electricity well like metals and water.

Materials like plastic and wood act as insulators, blocking electricity flow.

It’s a foolproof way to satisfy curiosity and turn children into little scientists right before your eyes!

Satisfy Your Child’s Curiosity Through Safe, Educational Play with This STEM Toy

Our Energy Stick takes intimidating science concepts like circuits and makes them simple and fun to grasp.

As children hold the stick, they complete an electrical circuit with their own bodies and see firsthand how electricity flows through conductive materials to produce light and sound.

Breaking the circuit helps them discover insulators too.

This hands-on STEM toy powered by just a AA battery is the perfect way to satisfy and encourage your child’s curiosity.

The Energy Stick brings science to life while keeping playtime 100% safe.

Transform your child into a young scientist and give them a helpful boost in science education they’ll use for life.

Could the Energy Stick Be the Perfect Gift for Your Budding Inventor or Engineer?

The Energy Stick is an essential STEM learning toy for kids interested in electricity and circuits.

Children simply place one hand on each of the stick’s electrodes.

When touched simultaneously, their body transmits electricity, completing a circuit that activates flashing LED lights inside.

Kids can explore circuits further by gathering friends in a circle and holding hands, using their bodies to transmit energy and power the stick’s dazzling light show.

They’ll have fun discovering how to turn the flow of electricity on and off.

Parents and teachers agree this simple stick powered by just a AA battery opens young eyes to real-world concepts like conductors, insulators, and switch circuits.

It brings textbook science to life in a hands-on way that engages budding inventors and engineers.

The Energy Stick could be the perfect gift this holiday season for your future innovator!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Energy Stick teach kids about?

The Energy Stick is a fun and educational science kit that allows kids to safely learn about conductors of electricity.

By completing simple science experiments with the energy rod, kids can discover which common materials in their homes conduct electricity and which ones do not.

Can the Energy Stick be used for individual or group activities?

Both! The Energy Stick is perfect for independent or group activities.

Kids can explore conductivity on their own or get together with friends to form a circle of people holding hands while completing the activity guide together.

It’s totally cool when the whole circle is holding hands but someone breaks the circle by not conducting electricity through their body.

Is the Energy Stick safe for kids to use?

Absolutely! Safety is our top priority so the Energy Stick was designed to be completely safe.

The low voltage sensing circuit allows kids to turn their body into a human conductor of electricity without any risk of shock.

As long as kids follow the instructions, they can have fun testing their conductivity and discovering if their body can transmit electricity or not.

What kind of results will kids see?

When using the Energy Stick correctly, kids will be delighted by sound and fun flashing lights if their body can conduct electricity between the electrode and the person holding it.

They’ll be able to visually see proof of whether common household items or even parts of their own body are good conductors that allow the electricity to flow through.

It’s a totally cool way for them to learn!

How are the Energy Stick parts designed?

The Energy Stick comes with two electrodes that kids can use to test various materials.

One electrode plugs into the main unit to act as a constant power source.

Then kids see if their object or body can successfully bridge the gap between the powered electrode and the second electrode to conduct electricity and trigger the lights and sounds.

The electrodes feature easy-grip handles to prevent any risk of choking hazard.

What do customer reviews say?

Customers agree that the Energy Stick is one of the most fun science kits for kids on the market.

In their reviews, parents say their children had a great time doing the science experiments and learning about conductors of electricity.

Many also noted it sparked their kid’s interest in electric circuits and snap circuits.

The Energy Stick offers essential STEM learning through safe, independent, or group activities that kids simply find totally cool.


We designed our Energy Stick to be a one-of-a-kind STEM learning toy that brings electricity experiments to life for kids.

With its hands-on design and engaging lights and sounds, our toy takes intimidating science concepts and makes them simple and fun for children to grasp.

Our Energy Stick taps into kids’ natural curiosity and gives them an exciting introduction to key principles like circuits, conductors, insulators, and more.

So if you have a little inventor, engineer, or scientist-in-training at home, our Energy Stick could be the perfect gift.

It delivers screen-free, educational play time that will satisfy their desire to discover how the world works.

Plus, it lays the foundation for developing critical STEM skills they’ll use for life.

Tap into your child’s potential and order our innovative Energy Stick today!

We know both parent and child will be thrilled with how this toy unlocks scientific curiosity and wonder.

Let your child discover the shocking power of electricity with the Energy Stick today!