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Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register


Teach your child everyday skills in a fun, playful way with the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register. This cash register toy comes complete with a solar powered calculator, LCD screen, along with 70 pretend bills and coins. Encourage your little one to learn basic math and counting skills with the Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register.



Have you seen the new Calculator Cash Register? This toy cash register lets kids ring up pretend purchases just like in a real store.

With its flashing lights and clicking buttons, the Calculator Cash Register brings shopping playtime to life in a fun way.

The best part is that hidden under the pretend play is genuine skill-building practice.

Keep reading to discover how this toy can boost your child’s math understanding through interactive imaginative play.

Key Features

  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Solar powered calculator with LCD screen
  • 70-piece set

Fun and Educational Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register for Kids

Have you been looking for a toy that keeps the little ones engaged while also imparting valuable lessons? Then look no further than the Learning Resources Play Calculator Cash Register!

This pretend cash register offers hours of imagination-fueled fun that also builds essential calculator skills and an understanding of basic financial concepts.

As any parent knows, finding toys that both entertain and educate is no easy task. This calculator cash register is one of the rare toys that accomplishes both seamlessly.

With its realistic design featuring a full cash drawer, lit-up buttons, and even a pretend credit card reader, kids are immersed in imaginative cashier play for lengthy stretches.

Yet hidden within the delightful pretend scenarios is genuine skill-building through hands-on counting money and making change.

I’ve seen countless children enthusiastically operating this calculator cash register, engrossed in imaginary grocery stores, restaurants, and other shops.

One of its biggest draws is the included calculator, which allows them to “ring up” customers just like in real life.

Punching those big numbers lays the foundation for important math and calculator skills. What’s more, clever features like the cash drawer that opens complete the realistic experience.

If I had to choose just one toy, this cash register would be it based on the hours of learning disguised as fun it provides!

But don’t take my word for it – check out the glowing reviews from parents praising how much little ones enjoy the pretend scenarios while unwittingly absorbing valuable lessons.

The Learning Resources Play Calculator Cash Register has really reinvented cash register playtime.

If you’re looking to make this season’s gift of a learning experience, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better choice.

Order yours today and watch the educational enrichment pour in through your child’s joyful pretend adventures!

“Preschool Learning: Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register for Ages 3-5”

Designed for little learners ages 3 to 5, this pretend play cash register delivers educational enrichment through engaging activities that don’t feel like learning.

The colorful buttons, display screen and built-in calculator that helps familiarize children with numbers and basic operations.

Kids stay captivated for long stretches as they imagine ringing up pretend customers using the included wooden play coins, bills and activity guide.

What’s particularly remarkable is how smoothly this toy straddles the line between imaginative play and true cognitive development.

Children are having too fun to notice the beginning math and calculator concepts gently seeping in through lots of opportunities for pretend scenarios.

Parents, meanwhile, take comfort knowing their young ones are encouraged calculator skills while providing lots of learning in disguise. Win-win!

I’ve seen the look of pure delight on many a face as the cash drawer opens to the enticing sound.

Kids remain engaged for extended periods in their made-up stores and establishments.

It’s clear the creators at Learning Resources designed this with preschoolers in mind. No doubt it will be one toy that gets heavy usage.

So if you’re seeking a pretend play cash register that whisks essential foundation lessons, look no further. Buy with confidence – this calculator wins high praise!

“Engaging and Durable: 73-Piece Learning Resources Cash Register Toy”

Are you on the lookout for a toy that provides lots of opportunities for imaginative and educational fun?

One that keeps little hands happily entertained for longer while also gently teaching basic math? If so, you’ll want to check out the Learning Resources Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register!

This feature-packed register immerses young players in realistic register scenarios with its large buttons that are easy for little hands to press comfortably, as well as the drawer that smoothly opens at the push of a button.

Best of all, it includes a real calculator screen and numeric keypad are easy to navigate.

Through pretend cashier roles, children develop crucial beginning math concepts key to future success without even realizing it!

We especially appreciate how well-constructed it is to withstand enthusiastic play.

At 73 pieces, there is plenty of material for imagination to run wild through structured and free activities using the included activity guide. It makes an excellent STEM toy that sparks passion for problem-solving.

No doubt this Calculator Cash Register will become a most treasured companion bringing both learning and laughter.

Don’t take our word for it. Check the five-star reviews and see why so many parents call it a perfect addition harnessing a solar calculator that helps familiarize children with numbers.

We guarantee the Learning Resources Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register will delight your young learner for hours on end!

Customer Reviews: Why Parents Love the Learning Resources Cash Register Toy

Ever since we first saw glowing parent reviews of the Learning Resources Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register, we’ve been singing its praises for developing minds and kindling imaginations.

One mother shared how her little one “hasn’t stopped grinning ear-to-ear” while mastering skills for tomorrow under the guise of play.

Even more impressive, another noted the toy still briskly entertains years later despite vigorous adventures!

It’s clear why families adore how smoothly this calculator cash register transitions children between zany scenarios starring an ever-changing shop roster and the beneficial lessons gently seeping through numbered buttons.

After experiencing the magnetic product ourselves, its staying power came as no surprise. Youngsters remain spellbound for hours unraveling the included cashier guide or devising their personal ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the drawer really open when pressed?

Many toy cash registers feature non-functioning drawers that don’t open at all.

However, the Learning Resources Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register has a drawer that smoothly opens when the designated button is pressed, just like a real cash register.

This added level of realism further engages children in imaginative role play scenarios.

How long will it last with regular use?

Families report this toy remaining a favorite for years, even with vigorous daily play. The tough plastic construction stands up well to enthusiastic use by small hands.

Learning Resources designed it with durability and longevity in mind so children can continue developing skills through pretend play for seasons to come.

What types of early learning does it support?

This versatile toy encourages active engagement in early childhood learning spaces.

By handling pretend money, making change, and using math functions like addition and subtraction, children practice numeracy skills in a play-based way.

It also supports cognitive development through role playing typical financial interactions and exploring sequencing through planned activities.

Can I give it as a gift outside the united states?

Yes, the Learning Resources Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register can be purchased as a gift for delivery worldwide.

Most online retailers offer standard and expedited shipping options to countries beyond the United States.

Be sure to check the merchant’s site for any targeted advertising, product specifications or descriptions, and responses to questions before purchase.

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We invite you to explore its many touches bringing play to vibrant life, from the LED screen thoughtfully displaying totals to the drawer that swiftly opens at the press.

Experience the joy and wonder of seeing little faces light up when imaginary money flies across the counter!

Skip through glowing reviews yourself to meet even more delighted families.

So if you’re seeking a gift your special learner will treasure for years, making precious memories along the road to knowledge, our recommendation is to gift the #1 parent favorite calculator that instills a lifetime love of learning.

Order yours today!