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Makey Makey – An Invention Kit for Everyone


Great for budding techies, the Makey Makey Invention Kit will turn everyday objects into touchpads for your computer. With the Makey Makey kit you can connect almost any object to your computer and use as a touchpad or game controller within seconds. With no programming required or software to install, this invention kit for kids will get everyone interested in computer technology.


Have you ever wanted to turn everyday objects into touchpads? With the Makey Makey Invention Kit, it’s possible!

This unique kit allows curious minds to create all sorts of inventions by turning bananas, Play-Doh or even a person’s body into buttons for games.

The Makey Makey sparks innovation through fun experimentation. Follow these simple instructions to see what amazing things you can design! You’ll be amazed at what you can create.

Key Features

  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

Unlocking the Power of Makey Makey Invention Kit for Creative Projects

The Makey Makey Invention Kit allows creative minds to turn everyday objects into buttons and sensors for all kinds of interactive projects.

Did you know you could attach alligator clips to a banana and use it like a piano? Or turn your staircase into a musical instrument?

With the Makey Makey, the possibilities are truly endless.

Check out these ingenious Makey Makey projects on Pinterest for inspiration. One creator turned an old arcade joystick into a makey classic by joylabz-powered game controller.

Another builder made a virtual piano out of play items like blocks and action figures. Their makey stem pack even included LED lights that flashed with each note.

This invention kit includes all the tools needed like alligator clips and a usb cable so you can get started right away designing your own interactive creations.

The classroom-friendly Makey Makey also inspires learning in fun new ways.

A teacher crafted an interactive map of the United States where students could quiz one another by touching different landmarks made from cardboard and foil.

You don’t need any coding experience to get creative with the Makey Makey.

Simply connect everyday objects to the classic by joylabz using alligator clips, then program sounds and actions on the computer.

For example, you could make a dance mat out of foil that plays music when stepped on. The only barrier is your imagination! As one reviewer said, they loved seeing their ideas “come to life.”

The endless applications of the Makey Makey will spark your creativity and those around you.

Chances are you’ll come up with even better projects once you see how easy it is to makey an invention kit and start experimenting.

Take your creative ideas to new heights – what will you design?

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Makey Makey Invention Kit Users

Even with the most innovative tools, glitches may arise. Don’t fret – help exists wherever you turn with the Makey Makey.

With these troubleshooting tricks, you’ll solve any issue in no time.

Not sure how to connect a cardboard piano?

The official Makey Makey website boasts a handy hookup guide. Clear visuals show how to attach keyboard or mouse with the included connector wires. Stuck on a programming snafu?

Their lesson plans provide step-by-step directions.

Need a quick solution? Visit the Makey Makey YouTube channel for video tutorials.

Watch an expert hook up all kinds of fun things, from banana pianos to action figure makey boards.

With visual instructions, even complex connections are simple to understand.

If those don’t solve it, online communities welcome all tinkerers. Ask seasoned users how they overcame a similar glitch.

Chances are high someone faced the same hiccup and shares the perfect fix. With guidance from these experienced creators, troubleshooting feels like a snap.

Rather than frustration, see glitches as puzzles to solve together. Soon, troubleshooting will be your specialty too!

Remember, even great inventors like Edison met obstacles. With the right support, every challenge has a solution.

Keep exploring and don’t stop dreaming up your next fantastic Makey Makey creation!

Exploring Educational Applications of Makey Makey Invention Kit

If you teach young minds, picture the ways you could enhance learning with the feature-rich Makey Makey Invention Kit.

As eric rosenbaum, an educator, shared – it’s “magical” how students apply circuit board concepts through play.

The affordable pack includes all tools needed for experimenting painlessly. Conductive thread, alligator clips and other materials invite creativity while satisfying curiosity.

Imagine designing their own controllers where a happy holidays ornament becomes a mouse click!

Inspiring lesson plans on the Makey Makey website offer activities focused on diverse topics.

Guide explorations of science, technology, engineering, art or music.

Students build skills through play as their creations spring to life. Even complex instructions seem simple with visual tutorials.

With Makey Makey, your classroom bursts with discovery. Engage all learners with customized, hands-on challenges.

Assess growing knowledge through personal projects instead of tests alone. Watch young minds apply core concepts through exploration as their ideas come to life.

Add dimension to any subject with an innovation toolkit primed for tinkering. Nurture problem-solving mindsets that last beyond your lessons.

With Makey Makey, learning flows from fascinating pursuits instead of strict memorization. Imagine the genius you’ll inspire!

Step-by-Step Guide: Getting Started with Makey Makey Invention Kit

Have you discovered the Makey Makey Invention Kit and feel inspired to create, but daunted by where to begin? Fear not!

With clear instructions and examples, we’ll have you designing interactive projects in no time.

The classroom-friendly Makey Makey makes invention simple. All tools are included – from alligator clips to a usb cable.

Simply attach everyday items like fruits or cardboard using clips. Then program sounds through the classic by joylabz plugged into your computer.

Peek at the demonstrations on the Makey Makey website or YouTube to gain inspiration.

See how a stem pack turned blocks into a virtual piano or how fluffy socks became oversized mouse buttons! These visual aids show even complex builds are achievable.

Whether crafting a game controller or delving into music, the step-by-step instructions hold your hand the whole way. Streamlined lessons take the mystery out of coding.

Before long, your creations will spring to life!

Gain skills in science, technology, engineering and more through creative exploration. Invent educational tools for the classroom or code interactions for fun.

The professional applications are unlimited.

Unleash your vision and see inventions come alive. Ours won’t be the only guide – join online communities to support fellow tinkerers too!

Soon you’ll design with ease and share brilliant builds. Your Makey Makey journey starts here.

Innovative Ways to Use Makey Makey Invention Kit in STEM Education

Are you eager to experiment with science, technology, engineering and math? The feature-rich Makey Makey lets curious minds learn through play.

This classroom favorite packs innovative ways to teach core concepts. Interactive stations replace worksheets for deeper understanding.

Snap everyday items to the makey classic kit using alligator clips and watch ideas spring to life.

Peek at the makey classroom on their website for tons of project ideas. A teacher crafted a circuit board from play foam that lit up letters, drilling core lessons.

Another converted a bedroom into a greenhouse exhibiting plant growth over time.

Kids worldwide developed their own creations like a banana piano teaching conductivity. With visuals of ideas online, your lessons leak from screens into three dimensions!

No coding expertise required either.

The simple kit connects objects using just connector wires and a usb cable. Program interactions through the easy-to-use makey board plugged into any computer.

Unleash your pupils’ natural curiosity through exploring inventions. Nurture skills that evolve lifelong problem solving minds.

Our future scientists await your guidance – grab a Makey Makey and let imaginations run wild!

Inspiring Examples of Makey Makey Invention Kit Projects

Are you ready to let your imagination run wild? Together, let’s explore the innovative projects others crafted using the simple yet powerful Makey Makey Invention Kit.

One creative turned an ordinary staircase into a musical instrument! By attaching alligator clips along each step, anyone could play a song while climbing up and down.

How clever! Another attached connector wires from a painting to the classic kit. As hands glided across the artwork’s depths, a unique melody played.

These everyday object adaptations surprise and delight, pushing limits of what’s possible. Peering inside their minds inspires our own ingenious schemes.

With just basic materials from the classroom-friendly stem pack, inventors conjured unforeseen magic.

Now picture the prospects unlocked within your own visions. A cardboard robot, keyboard made from fruit, interactive storyboard – your ideas hold no boundaries!

Join online communities showcasing skills honed through trial and error too.

This gateway encourages us to experiment freely. Tap that creative spark and let whims run wild, just like the pioneers before us.

Our next spectacular designs await – will you reimagine play or teach core concepts in new ways?

Harnessing the Makey Makey Invention Kit for Music and Game Development

Are you seeking new ways to feed your passion for melodies or gameplay? Imagine designing your personal instruments and controllers!

The innovative Makey Makey Invention Kit unleashes possibilities.

No longer bound to static devices, craft adaptations suited precisely to your tastes. Transform everyday items found around home into lively keybindings or notes.

Several backers replaced cashews or grapes for their keyboard or mouse through simple hookups.

Even produce evolves fresh potential in your determined hands. An educator named eric rosenbaum shared their student’s circuit board banana piano inspiring peers worldwide.

Now envision your own kinds of fun things sparking outlets of expression.

Detailed directions online or within kits guide attachments through the streamlined makey classic. Connect objects using basic connector wires and usb cables only.

Program lively interactions directly through the easy-to-use makey board without complex programming knowledge.

Open imaginings unlocked. Remix gameplay and soundscapes through personalized creations fueled by nothing but ingenuity.

Your visions spring to vibrant life limited solely by boundless minds.

Join innovative ranks leveling experiences through resourceful hacks. Transform fleeting concepts into reality with tools of the trade.

This day, let boundless drives steer the wheel of invention!


The Makey Makey opens infinite doors for learning through play. With basic circuitry and coding skills, bringing ideas to life proves easy.

Students worldwide embrace subjects by experimenting hands-on.

Educators applaud sparking passion this way beyond usual lessons.

Creators express surprise by talents unveiled. Onlooking any product ignites others’ curiosity too.

Join a global community sharing knowledge. Videos guide all skill levels.

Hear pioneers’ pride in their works fueling our own sparks! Dare today imagining without constraints.

This tool supports expressing ourselves like no other. Who knows what your mind may design? Don’t envision from sidelines – experience innovations for yourself!

Adventure into inventions starting now by clicking the buy button. The journey awaits – will you begin?