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STEM Education & Kids: A Never Ending Story

Maximum teachers are well aware of the importance of STEM, but you may be searching for guidance on how best to apply it in your school. If you have a pre-school-going child at your home, you must have heard several questions regarding the surroundings. The children always have curiosity inside them to know everything. Children possess a wide-open curiosity about the world. 

Despite the hungry interest so, many kids have in STEM topics such as science, technology, engineering, and math, the enthusiastic nature of children tends to fade as they grow older. But with STEM careers making a large part of today’s economy, it’s actually not a wrong idea to feed that fire. STEM-related activities need to be introduced from a very early age, as it is highly important in today’s age of information. The capability to innovate, be technologically fluent, and deeply understand how and why things work is highly important. 

What Are The STEM Activities For Children? 

Simple STEM activities for young learners will help reinforce important life skills and help uplift interest in these essential fields potentially.

  1. Cloud in a Jar – Condensation, water cycle, and states of matter all receive some attention with this delightful activity. A few household ingredients like water and hair spray combine together to show the formation of a cloud for children. 

These STEM activities can be very easy for little learners or scaled up for children into an experiment with two different procedures to make a cloud, along with conversion about how water-cycle works in the environment.

  1. Oil Spills – In this activity, you would require to mix oil and water in a large container and add a few feathers to it. Then supply the materials to your children such as sponges, small spoons, and paper towels, and provide them with the simple instructions to remove the oil from the water and feather. 

STEM projects for children, the average parents or teachers can easily engage their children in STEM-related activities. Some simple inexpensive STEM activities for children, now you are well-equipped to guide your children and help them explore the exciting foundation of science, technology, engineering, and math.