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Supporting Tech Supply Through STEM Education

Technology is constantly changing and it depends upon the educator to teach students how to understand and adapt it, so that they can apply it for their future purposes. Some students face lack of technology preparation as well as digital divide like getting access to top quality and functioning technology, connectivity to the proper internet connection, and a proper digital literacy like how to use the hardware and the software options which are available on the tech devices.

From early ages, student requires immersive, careful and inclusive experiences to prepare the students from the tech workforce. The demand for technological professional is increasing year after year, and the supply is struggling to keep up with the pace. Building interest in STEM education in children is very important for the future.

Preparing Children for the Future Work Through STEM Education –

Schools and educators are responsible for developing skills and capabilities in students, while encouraging them to think in a different manner and maximize their abilities. Maximum schools are not taking initiative in their full potential. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math is the main part of secondary school academic training, so that we can secure the future of our children and also upgrade the diversity of thoughts and perception.

IBM’s P- Tech model spans grade 9-14 allow children, primarily from unfair background to earn both high school diploma and a no- cost associate degree in STEM discipline through a six year course. The course helps to ensure that the children who are interested in technology and have ample opportunities and gained the skill set they require for their future career. In STEM education one of the most important key skill learnt by students is problem solving.

A child’s passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) must be polished and nurtured for betterment. Access to STEM education must be given to all. With the increase attention in STEM over the last few years in schools it’s given the top priority to improve the future generation. Quality STEM education is not about having proper access to technology and science lab.