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The Advantages of STEM Education in the Job Market

The big question that posts itself, is what will the benefits be when I start STEM education for me( if you are an adult) of for my children? let me tell and explain this for you in the flowing points.

1) Number of unfilled STEM jobs are higher than qualified confidant: you can see this things all around the job market, you can see how many missed programmer and engineers in their fields

2 -) The payment of STEM jobs is higher than the average: this kind of jobs requires smart people to use their minds the thing that machine can do and also let us not forget the previous point, it also makes the payment on this kind of jobs more higher.

3 )  The U.S Bureau for statistic says that in the next 20 years, 80% of jobs will be STEM jobs: this is another reason for you to do the right thing to your children after you see those statistics you will know that making your children go this way isn’t a bad idea at all, in counter its a very good one.

4 )  STEM employees are the ones who build community and help nations to go forward: if you want to do a big favor to your country globally you must learn and stick with STEM, because of its a work that will get you a good amount of money and also will make your country classed in top countries that provide and help to improve the sciences.

what are you waiting for? if you’re an adult don’t worry you are still able to catch up and if you’re a mom or a dad you can help your son by buying them a punch of STEM games for kids.