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Tips on How to Make Your Kid Love STEM Without Forcing Him

Who is this kid that would love math’s? or science? well, there is some of them but they love those fields because of the way that their parent represent it for them. Now in this blog we will tell you how you can make your child grow faster with STEM learning products.

Every father or mother hopes her kids to get a great education the one that will get them a great job and allows for them to live with. The same thing that learning products of STEM can give them. But have you ever think that is just that simple? So let me tell you something you’re wrong.

1 – Don’t Make STEM a Two Answer Subject.

What do I mean by saying this is don’t let the kids think that is a Love It or Leave It matters, as you can see who loves to calculate thing that is useless in the paper? but when it is about real life and do some activities about math’s in real life. They will love it. This is where STEM learning products come in the field that help your kid with interesting features.

Need an example to do with your kids? draw a big triangle in the wall and give your son a tape measure, tell her/him that you will know how long is the triangle side only with using the math’s and you can check with the tape if I am right or no.

After you do this your son or daughter will think that you are so cool and she/he will want to be like you so this is an indirect way to make your daughter/son love math’s and you can try this example in any field you want to not only math’s.

2 – Include it in Their Life.

Yes as you have read below you must make them see it every where as the previous example, but now they don’t hate it, they just don’t know anything about it, maybe in the kitchen tell your kids to make square meat balls instead of balls it self.

You can go with another example let me guess a better one!! Money, yes this is it when you’re in the market buy two things and make sure that your kids knows their price then ask him how much do that two items cost? and let them calculate them selves. You can make an infinite number of examples and not only in math’s you can go with others.

I also recommend watching good cartoons. Such as the ones that can help and make science so simple as jimmy neutron no one will guess.

3 – Make it an Interesting Thing for Him to Do 

Kids love to do anything with parents no one in the world can say some thing else to you may be you can check your memories to the time where you were waiting for your father to watch with him your favored show? Same thing with your kids now.

The best way to do this is by playing STEM games with your kids as LEGO or even Mine craft if you make your kid interested in one of those two may be you’re looking into a future engineer or coder or you can keep it watching things with him I recommend an anime that will come too soon his name is Dr. Stone if he liked it may be you’re now looking into a scientist this time.

4 – Reward Him for any Progress He Makes

I think that you have already heard about the hormone of Dopamine, the hormone that the brain produces when you take drugs, don’t worry we will not tell you to make him do drugs, it just to show how addictive this hormone is.

This hormone also produced when you get a reward on anything, so when she/he gets to learn a new skill or make an achievement go ahead and reward him/ her even if it’s only by a word just say this is my boy and you know what will happen later after this, she/he will look after more and more of flattery and praise, and as a result she/he will get a lot of skills and also achievement in no time using STEM learning products.