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What Is a Dash Robot? Perfect Answer 2023

What Is a Dash Robot
What Is a Dash Robot

What is a dash robot? Dash robots are robotic toy systems designed to teach kids coding and STEM principles through play. Since the introduction of Dash and Dot robots back in 2014, they have become one of the most popular educational toys among children and educators alike.

In recent years, Dash robots have become increasingly popular RC devices that offer endless amounts of educational fun. Dash robots are user-friendly interactive bots that can be used to teach kids problem-solving and coding fundamentals in an entertaining way.

The robots move around and interact with their environment while lights, sounds, apps, sensors and other tools can expand the possibilities for programming code. Here is a look at what a Dash robot is and how it works:

What Is A Dash Robot?

What Is a Dash Robot
What Is a Dash Robot

A Dash robot is a personal robot companion designed by Wonder Workshop to teach children how to program. It moves around on wheels, interacts with objects in its environment, obeys commands from an easy to use app on an iPad or Android tablet, and responds to voice commands using Alexa or Google voice assistant.

This makes them great resources for learning skills such as navigation, problem-solving, mathematics and even basic computer programming principles through visual drag-and-drop blocks. With development kits like Go and Code Lab being available at almost every store, kids are able to explore STEM without having prior coding knowledge.

How Do Dash Robots Work?

Dash robots are programmable bots on wheels that come with sensors for sound, light, and touch. Each robot can be programmed using three different levels of coding – Blockly (the most beginner friendly), Wonder (for more advanced coders), or even text-based JavaScript for experienced coders.

The programming is done via a downloadable app which connects to the robot over Bluetooth.

What Can the Dash Robots Do?

Most robots come with several types of accessories including blocks with LED lights, rechargeable batteries, xylophones for music play, infrared sensors for wall detection, and even a microphone to sense their environment.

With these features, you can program Dash robots to do almost anything including mapping out paths on a floor, playing games with other Dash robots like sumo wrestling or football drills, creating interactive art projects like art displays or making music through interactive patterns.

How Can Dash Robots Benefit Kids?

Firstly, being able to program a robot can help kids understand how robotics works which would give them invaluable insight into current robotics trends like machine learning and autonomous driving technology.

Secondly, it also improves their problem-solving skills as they try to debug their codes while learning creativity when programming their dash robots’ behavior.

Thirdly, learning costs is valuable as kids develop an understanding of loops sequencing functions and variable declarations – concepts that eventually transcend just building Dash robots and can be used in many different digital projects!

Lastly, this type of coding encourages collaboration between students as opportunities for teamwork arise such as taking turns solving challenges or working together on complex codes that require joined efforts from both sides!

Features of The Dash Robot

The Dash robot features two wheels on which it can travel up to 3 feet per second (about 2 mph), allowing it to explore its environment freely.

Additionally, it includes five multi-colored LEDs – two rectangular locator lights flanking a single circular eye in front – used together to communicate emotional feedback.

It also has four types of microphones and speakers built into its body that recognize different settings such as clapping or speaking directly into the ears to emit various sounds without interruption.

Lastly, eight touch sensors are embedded within the head enabling recognition for actions like double taps or hugs from pets or people alike.

Programming the Dash Robot

Dash robots offer programming lessons with block coding at different difficulty levels depending on age or skill range. It also enables users of any level access to open-source hardware kits available online if they are interested in furthering their education on robotics.


Dash robots are great educational tools to help children learn basic coding and problem solving principles while they have fun interacting independently in their environment or responding directly via voice commands when necessary.

Through activities such as playing games adventure missions created through Wonder Workshops software applications they can explore different capabilities while also gaining practical skills in mechanical engineering mathematics etcetera again all while having lots of fun doing so!